Mike the bartender
Occupation Bartender
Played By Eric Keenleyside
Status Deceased

Mike was the bartender and licensee of the Wild Coyote bar.

Early life

He had attended school with Jonathan Kent and Sheriff Ethan. He had a reputation for serving minors at his bar but had held onto his license because he had a business arrangement with Ethan.

Season Two

Mike became Ethan's co-conspirator in his plan to murder Lionel Luthor and frame Jonathan. When Jonathan stopped by the bar after an argument with Lionel, Mike drugged his beer and gave a bottle of tequila to Ethan to make it look as though Jonathan had got drunk. He then claimed that Jonathan had been at the bar mouthing off about how he intended to hurt Lionel and that he had bought the tequila.

When Clark and Pete dropped by the bar to question him, Mike stuck to his story and insisted that he believed Jonathan had tried to kill Lionel, prompting Clark to assault him. Aware that the pair were suspicious of Mike, Ethan killed him in order to cover his tracks. His body was found by Clark and Pete in a freezer at the bar.


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