Occupation Antiquities dealer
Played By Donnelly Rhodes
Status Alive

Milash is an antiquities dealer hired by Lex Luthor to examine the cryptograph that Lex found in Zurich.

Season Seven

When Lex found a cryptograph in Zurich, he called in Milash, an antiquities expert to examine it. Milash wasn't able to immediately decipher the meaning of the cryptograph. He explained that for a detailed explanation, he would have to do further research away from the Luthor Mansion. Lex was reluctant, but finally let Milash take the cryptograph with him to his shop for further research. Lex ordered a security detail to watch Milash.

Milash went to his shop to do further research the Zurich cryptograph. Milash realized what he was looking at, but the attacker from Zurich (the same one who killed Gina and defeated Lex in battle) attacked Milash's shop. He killed Lex's two guards and went after Milash. Milash begged for mercy. Before the attacker could finish off Milash, Lex arrived and killed him. In Lex's car, Milash revealed to Lex that a German watchmaker who catered to European nobility had made the cryptograph, and had been hired by a mysterious employer to make a clock. Only one sketch of the clock existed and the clock itself disappeared during World War II, reappearing as a donation from Dr Virgil Swann to St. Christopher's Cathedral after his death.

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