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Miller's Field is an prominent field in Smallville.

Early lifeEdit

Kal-El's ship crash-landed in Miller's Field on the day of the 1989 meteor shower. A toddler Kal-El was found by Martha and Jonathan Kent, and a young Davis Bloome was captured by Lionel Luthor's soldiers

Season OneEdit

The key to Kal-El's ship was discovered in the field by Dr. Steven Hamilton, during an excavation funded by Lex Luthor.

Season FourEdit

Lois Lane, meet Clark Kent.
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After Clark was re-programmed as Kal-El by Jor-El, he returned in Miller's Field where he was found by Lois Lane.

Season EightEdit

S08e18 (7)
Davis Bloome's Victims

Miller's Field also served as a dumping ground for the murder victims of Davis Bloome. He killed criminals to quell his transformation into a murderous monster, and then buried his victims in this field. Tess Mercer then killed him in the field by blowing him up.



  • Both times Jor-El sent his son to Smallville, he arrived in Miller's Field. (Pilot, Crusade)
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