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Mind control is the ability for one person to control the actions of one or multiple people.

This is different from possession.

Users of Mind Control

  • Bob Rickman and Kyle Tippet - (Hug) - they could both influence peoples actions through touch. The victims did not remember the incident afterwards
  • Desiree Atkins - (Heat) - she could control men if they breathed in her pheremones. The victims later remembered their actions.
  • Seth Nelson - (Magnetic) - he could use his magnetic abilities to control Lana Lang to a degree by manipulating her brain's electro-magnetic activity, although it was unclear if he was aware that he could do this.
  • Molly Griggs - (Delete) - she developed a mind control program that was activated by looking at a swirling image. The victims did not remember the incident afterwards, and it allowed her to plant various commands that they would have to obey.
  • Cheerleaders of Devotion - (Devoted) - the drink they invented made men be 'devoted' to the woman they thought about the most (and vice versa). The victims did not remember the incident afterwards.
  • Mikhail Mxyzptlk - (Jinx) - he could control peoples' bodies through verbal commands. The victims later remembered their actions.
  • Countess Margaret Isobel Thoreaux - (Spell) - she could make people perform actions they didn't want to through magic. The victims later remembered their actions.
  • Simone Charcot - (Hypnotic) - she could control people through hypnotism focused through her necklace. The victims later remembered their actions.
  • Red kryptonite - (Crimson) - the lipstick made from red kryptonite made the person wearing it fall in love with the first man she saw. The victims did not remember the incident afterwards.
  • Moira Sullivan - (Progeny) - she could control meteor infected individuals. A mind control drug was also made from her spinal fluid, which could control even non-meteor-infected people.
  • Maxima - (Instinct) - her super-endorphin kiss releases a combination of endorphins and adrenalin what made her seem irresistible to any man but is fatal to humans if they are exposed for more than a few moments. Kryptonians are able to withstand the kiss, although it still seduces them.
  • Clark Kent - (Persuasion) - Kryptonians can influence peoples thoughts and actions under the effects of gemstone kryptonite, it requires a strong desire expressed verbally. The kryptonian is subject to their own commands. The effect seems to last until the kryptonian is exposed to green kryptonite. The victims later remembered the incident afterwards.

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