Mr. Lyon
Family Father
Played By Woody Jeffreys
Status Incarcerated (Exposed)

Mr. Lyon was the son of a European diplomat living in America. He was a patron of the Windgate Club, a gentleman's club in Metropolis.

Season FiveEdit


Mr. Lyon takes Lois to his apartment.

Clark Kent, Chloe Sullivan, and Lois Lane discovered that Lyon frequently doted attention on one particular stripper at the strip club Windgate, who would then disappear shortly afterward. One of his victims was Melissa Paige. While trying to tell her story to Chloe and Lois, she was ran over by a car and killed. When he saw Lois Lane on stage performing a sexy dance while she was undercover, he believed that she's a new stripper at the club, after asking who she is from the bouncer, and successfully bought her. He decided to make her his next victim and took her to his apartment after the police raid at the club. He gives her a red dress identical to the one Melissa was wearing when she died and promised her he wouldn't peek on her changing. He asked her if she needed help putting it on after she was looking through his belongings and then she quickly puts it on. Then he takes a photo of her in the dress and tells her she's prettier in the dress then all the other strippers he kidnapped and she'll make them all very jealous. He tries to keep her in the apartment when she tries to leave, and then she fights him off easily but then his bodyguard tasered her unconscious, then carried her into his helicopter and tried to fly her out of the country to keep her for himself like his previous victims. Luckily, she was saved by Clark. He was let go because of immunity from being in a foreign country and gave Lois an air kiss when he left without her coming along. He was then arrested when he arrived in Europe because of an anonymous tip.