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Mr. Moore
Family Mrs. Moore (wife), Byron Moore (son)
Played By Richard Moll
Status Alive

Mr. Moore is the husband of Mrs. Moore and the protective father of Byron Moore.


Byron falls on his back and his father, who appears to be out hunting him with a hound, shoots him with a tranquilizer and throws him back down in the cellar and threatens to kill him if he ever sneaks out again, and installs a stronger door on the cellar.

He and his wife kept Byron locked in the basement for eight years. He's often yelling at Byron after capturing him and returning him to his room, telling him never to go outside at night ever, and if he did, there would be more than tranquilizer in his gun the next time he shoots him.

Clark and Lana drive him to his house but as he runs across the yard, his parents greet him on the porch. His father levels his rifle at him, so Clark and Lana jump out of the truck. Mrs. Moore pulls Byron into the house. Mr. Moore threatens Clark and Lana with the rifle, so they turn and go. When they return to Byron's house with Sheriff Miller, but Mr. Moore claims that his son died eight years ago and he has never seen Clark or Lana and accuses them of playing a cruel joke. The sheriff leaves, but he promises Jonathan that he will get a warrant. Meanwhile, Byron is in the cellar, chained to the wall.


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