Mrs. Arkin
Mrs. Arkin
Family Greg Arkin (son) Mr. Arkin (husband, estranged)
Played By Gabrielle Rose
Status Deceased

Mrs. Arkin was the mother of Greg Arkin. She was in the garden club with Nell Potter, Lana Lang's aunt.

Season One

According to Martha Kent, Mrs. Arkin kept a pretty tight leash on Greg. She gave him a hard time about spying on Lana Lang. She threatened to send him to a military academy. Greg killed her in the house after acquiring insect-like characteristics and explaining that the pharaoh spider eats its mother after it hatches.


Mrs. Arkin: (playing a video of Lana) Is this what you do with your time now, Greg?
Greg Arkin: (watches as Lana laughs on the video) Where did you get those?
Mrs. Arkin: Where do you think? In that hole you call a room.
Greg Arkin: You had no right to go in there.
Mrs. Arkin: You've got a lot of nerve talking to me about privacy. I am in the garden club with Lana's aunt. How am I going to face Nell, knowing that my own son is creeping around videotaping her niece? Is that where you were tonight?
Greg Arkin: No. I was out collecting.
Mrs. Arkin: Two disgusting habits.
Greg Arkin: Insects aren't disgusting, Mom.
Mrs. Arkin: Look what has become of you, Greg. This isn't you.
Greg Arkin: People change.
Mrs. Arkin: Really? Monday morning, I am phoning Claremont Military Academy.
Greg Arkin: Yeah, right, Mom.
Mrs. Arkin: No, Greg, I've had it with your behavior. This time, I'm making the call.
Greg Arkin: Hey, who's going to take care of my bugs?!

Mrs. Arkin: Greg?! What's going on here? Greg? I have had -- what the hell has gotten into you?
Greg Arkin: About 2 million years of intelligence and instinct.
Mrs. Arkin: You stop this. Stop this right now.
Greg Arkin: I can't. See, it's too late. Nature's already taken its course. First I'll eat... then I'll molt... and then I'll mate.
Mrs. Arkin: You need help.
Greg Arkin: Hey, Mom, did I ever tell you about the pharaoh spider? It's a fascinating creature. See, after it hatches... it kills its mother.


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