Chloe contemplates a name for Metropolis' new masked savior...


...And finally deciding on the "Angel of Vengeance."

The process of naming superheroes as well as supervillains on Smallville tends to happen in one of several ways.

In some cases, a journalist will make up a name, and the name will stick due to their press coverage; soon the superhero is referring to themselves by their new name as well. As a journalist for the Smallville Torch and Daily Planet, Chloe Sullivan has been involved in naming several of the superheroes. While covering the Green Arrow for the Metropolis Inquisitor, Lois Lane gave him his name (with a little help from Chloe). Lois Lane can also be credited on changing The Blur into Superman. Clark Kent has also been shown naming a few superheroes and villains such as the Wonder Twins and The Toyman

In other cases, members of Oliver Queen's team of superheroes picked their own names (or had names assigned to them). Some of these code names are not known to the public; Clark Kent's code name of "Boy Scout" has not been referenced by anyone outside of his inner circle.

Known Namings

  • Red-Blue Blur/The Good Samaritan/Superman - While being coined a "Good Samaritan" at first, Clark was given the "Red-Blue Blur" name thanks article about him by Ron Troupe after Jimmy snapped a picture of him saving Lois which came as a blurred red and blue combo. The name stuck and is now used by the citizens of Metropolis commonly but Clark asked Lois to pick a new name as he didn't really like Red-Blue Blur. The name which was eventually dropped to simply "the Blur" after Clark exchanged his colorful street clothes for the black suit. Lois named him Superman after he saves Lois with the United States President on Air Force One, and saves the entire world from the crashing threat of Apokolips revealing himself and becoming a global symbol of hope.Chloe reveals that Oliver insisted that Clark be called Boy Scout rather than Superman when he went public.
  • Green Arrow - Lois first named him the "Green Arrow Bandit" in her Metropolis Inquisitor coverage. She and Oliver both casually shortened the name to "Green Arrow" in conversation; Chloe explicitly suggested to Clark that the name should "drop the Bandit"; shortly after, Clark mentioned to Oliver that "Green Arrow" was responsible for Lois' kidnapping. Eventually, every newspaper in the country was using the name "Green Arrow"
  • Black Canary - Chloe notes that Dinah Lance and her superhero persona have two different hair colors: "Raven black. Canary yellow." She then suggests the name "Yellow Raven", but Clark says that "Black Canary" has a better ring to it.
  • Boy Scout and Impulse - Neither Clark or Bart were able to pick their code names, which were assigned to them by Oliver Queen.
  • Aquaman - AC picked his own code name for the newly formed Justice League.
  • Cyborg - Victor also picked his own code name.
  • Martian Manhunter - Chloe first used the name "Martian Manhunter" somewhat incongruously when talking to Clark (it wasn't clear why the Martian was a "manhunter" until he revealed later that he was an intergalactic bounty hunter). His name has only been used once subsequently on the show, by Kara (who remembers him from Krypton, so may actually know of his history as a bounty hunter). In addition, in a deleted scene as well as the episode Prey, Martian Manhunter referred to himself as John Jones (also, in Clark's delusion created by Dr. Hudson, Martian Manhunter referred to himself as "John").Sylvester Pemberton's notebook about the Justice League he was written John Johns codename the "Martian Manhunter". John had officially used Martian Manhunter as his codename in Finale, Part 1 and is referred to as "Manhunter" by the Watchtower computers.
  • Angel of Vengeance - Chloe first used the name after noting that Martha had said that Andrea had come down as if from the heavens like an avenging angel and decided to name her as the "Angel of Vengeance".
  • Superboy - Chloe picked Eric Summers' super-hero name after watching him use his new super-powers he gained from Clark. It was later used to describe Clark's brother Conner Kent
  • Maiden of Might/Supergirl - After Kara makes a public save, The Daily Planet calls Kara the "Maiden of Might". The Press later later dubs Kara "Supergirl."


Chloe: All right, now this is what I need, Clark. A catchy moniker for our new crime fighter. "Miss Death Wish," no that’s lame. "Dirty Harriet," no, that’s too derivative. I got it, I got it Clark, so your mom said she swooped down from the heavens, so how about "The Angel of Vengeance"?
Season Five, Vengeance

Oliver: "The Green Arrow Bandit." It doesn't really roll off the tongue. This guys steals your boss's necklace, and then gasses you and your cousin, all within a 24 hour period? I'd say he's got a thing for you.
Lois: Well, when you're my editor, I'll remember to care what you think.
Oliver: You know that whole sugar-and-spice thing? It never really took with you, did it?
Lois: Look. Green Arrow, green eggs and ham -- it doesn't really matter what I call this guy. I'm gonna have his face plastered all over the front page soon enough.
Season Six, Arrow

Clark: Who are you?
Green Arrow: Haven't you read? I'm the Green Arrow.
Season Six, Arrow

Clark: This Green Arrow Bandit's got a lot of gadgets.
Chloe: Gadgets? Against the Man of Steel?
Clark: He's good, all right?
Chloe: Fine -- backing off. The Green Arrow Bandit? Is that really the name Lois came up with? If you ask me, I'd lose the "Bandit," but - not my story.
Season Six, Arrow

Oliver: (to Lois) You know you have every newspaper in the country calling this guy the Green Arrow. He's got a real following.
Season Six, Arrow

Green Arrow: You sure? Green Arrow to Watchtower. Boy Scout's out of the woods.
Clark: Boy Scout?
Green Arrow: If you hadn't ran off all half cokced, you could have picked your code name. You don't want to play for the team, that's fine. You can be smart about it.
Clark: Point taken. Where's Bart?
Green Arrow: "Impulse." He didn't get to pick his own code name either. Watchtower will guide you to where he's probably being held.
Season Six, Justice

Chloe: I did some digging into our favorite Martian Manhunter, but it's just coming up empty.
Clark: Yeah, but we have another "man hunter" to worry about. Lois.
Season Six, Crimson

Chloe: (referring to Kara) It sounds like we got ourselves a true-blue Supergirl.
Season Seven, Kara

Kara: He's lying. Who are you gonna believe, Clark - your family... or this Martian Manhunter? Guess this family reunion is over.
Season Seven, Cure

Chloe: Dinah Lance was the only woman logged on last night.
Clark: That doesn't help us much.
Chloe: Why, because she's not blond? Please, Clark. The new bad girl could be as blond as I really am. There you go. Raven black. Canary yellow. Maybe we should call her the Yellow Raven.
Clark: Black Canary has a better ring to it.
Season Seven, Siren


  • Chloe Sullivan has been involved in the naming of both Green Arrow and Black Canary. She herself named the "Angel of Vengeance" and was the first to refer to the entity known as Martian Manhunter as such. She was also first to call Kara Kent "Supergirl" and the first to refer to Eric Summers as "Superboy" (Leech).
  • Lois Lane named Green Arrow through a news article she wrote, in a similar manner to how she named Superman in the first movie, Superman: The Movie.