Nathan Wells
Occupation Surgeon (Metropolis University Children's Hospital)
Played By James Purcell
Status Alive

Dr. Nathan Wells is a physician at Metropolis Children's Hospital.

Season One

Dr. Wells treated Justin Gaines after Justin was severely injured in a hit-and-run car accident. However, he was aloof and rude to Justin, and was unsympathetic when Justin expressed sadness over the loss of his ability to draw, cruelly telling him that he should just take up another hobby. This angered Justin, who resolved to try and kill Dr. Wells by telekinetically causing the elevator Dr. Wells as in to fail. When Dr. Wells tried to crawl out between floors, the elevator began to move again, severing both of his hands at the wrists and ending his career as a surgeon. Dr. Wells' companion Rene David was also present at the accident but not injured.

Dr. Wells seemingly was covering a career of misdoings; he had five malpractice suits against him in Lowell County.

One can read an article about Dr. Wells' accident on the online Smallville Ledger here.

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