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Kryptonian City of New Kandor

Location New Krypton

New Kandor is the current home of the clones from the former Kandorian army and is also the name of the crystal city on New Krypton

Between Worlds

Untitled 2 (2)

The Kandorians, accepted Kal-El's offer to relocate to New Krypton

Zod and the Kandorians confronted Kal-El as he was about to use the Book

of Rao; after a brief but tense stand-off, Zod slammed Kal-El against a wall and inadvertently revealed the truth about Faora's death to his

soldiers. The Kandorians sided with Clark activating the Book of Rao. After the Book of Rao was activated,

Kandorians, relocate to New Krypton

Basqat and the rest of the Kandorians arrived at their new home planet,

which was also under a yellow sun maintaining their super powers. There, Basqat told to Vala that her sister would want them to seize this second chance and make a new beginning. Then they suddenly saw a green light in the sky, believing it to be the creature of a legend, called Flamebird, a good omen for their arrival in Argo. They later, banished Zod to the Phantom Zone in order punish him for leading them to war.


After the Book of Rao was activated, Basqat, along with his fellow Kandorians, were sent to their new home.

They saw building that looked like the fortress and gave that area the name New Kandor. This was the first home to the Kandorians when they came to their new home world.

New Kandor is named after the city that was on the now destroyed planet of Krypton. New Kandor is home to the former Kandorian army that was teleported using the book of Rao. New Kandor is the beginning of New Krypton. By the time of the 31 century Kryptonians have made a technologically mature society, living in peace with each other.

Kandorians of New Krypton

Notable Citizens

  • Vala - Vala is one of the first Kryptonians to arrive on the new planet.
  • Basqat - Basqat is one of the first Kryptonians to arrive on the new planet
  • Beh-Osk - Eradicator Beh-Osk is a Kryptonian from the 31st century and lives on New Krypton. There he works for the Judgment Council and wanted to arrest Cosmic Boy and Saturn Girl but was interrupted by Superman and his cousin Supergirl.
  • Pa-Vel - Chancellor Pa-Vel of New Krypton is a Kryptonian from the 31st century. He showed Superman the Hall of Scion and told him that the war between New Krypton and EarthGov isn't just about politics.
  • Kara Zor-El - Kara has rejoined her people after she time-traveled in the 31st century. She works as a spy for the Kryptonians to locate the coordinates of Faora's tomb on Earth. She later returned to the 21st century on Earth.

New Kandor gallery

Hall of Scion

Later, Chancellor Pa-Vel escorts Superman in the Hall of Scion in which there are multiples statues of Kryptonians who had contributed to Argo's evolution for over a thousand years.

Kryptonian dagger

The Kryptonian dagger is a crystal with a blade bearing Kryptonian glyphs on its side.

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