Nick Yang
Family Unnamed father
Powers and
Energy generation and manipulation
Played By Yee Jee Tso
Status Alive
Last Seen 2006

Nicolas "Nick" Yang is a metahuman with the ability to control energy around him.

Early life

His father was a physicist at LuthorCorp, and Nick was exposed to one of his experiments. Lex Luthor captured Nick and had him committed to Level Three, where he met and began dating Molly Griggs. Molly was being used to create a tracking device for metahumans; her knowledge of the program allowed her and Nick to circumvent the device and escape.

The Vengeance Chronicles

They enlisted Andrea Rojas, the Angel of Vengeance, to help expose Lex Luthor. But their real intentions were to kill him using a subliminal message. Convinced not to do it by Andrea, Nick destroyed the computer, along with the subliminal program.

It is later revealed by Chloe Sullivan, through an unknown source, that Molly Griggs was admitted to Belle Reve on the night the mission failed, indicating that she was captured after her computer and mind-control program was destroyed by Nick.