Family Unknown
Occupation Tess' bodyguard(undercover)

Kandorian soldier

Powers and
Abilities None (due to blue kryptonite radiation)
Played By Amos Stern
Status Deceased
Last Seen Crossfire

Non was a cloned Kandorian soldier who served under Major Zod on Earth after being created by the Orb.

Early life

Non was created when the original Non agreed to donate a sample of his blood for an experiment as a way for the Ruling Council to preserve the Kryptonian race should Rao's prophecy ever come true. After donating his blood, Non's status is unknown during the explosion of Kandor along with many other of her fellow soldiers.

Life on Earth


Zod and Non

Tess' bodyguard comes in and reveals to Tess that he is not her bodyguard, he is a Kandorian working for Zod; He then gives Tess an ultimatum: tell him where the Blur is or die. Zod sits at a cafe, drinking espresso. He looks down at an envelope and opens it, revealing the blood-stained dog tag of the soldier he sent to kill Tess.

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