Nora Fries
Family Victor Fries (husband)
Status Alive (in cryostasis)
Last Seen Lantern

Nora Fries is the wife of Victor Fries.

Early life

At some point in her life, Nora was stricken with a rare disease with no known cure, so her husband, Dr. Victor Fries, hoped to preserve her in a cryogenic chamber of his own design until a cure could be found.

Season Eleven

Smallville - Lantern 008-017

The yellow ring takes the form of Nora Fries.

At Arkham Asylum, Batman and Nightwing are doing their best to contain the newly powered inmates of Arkham, who have already been transformed into Yellow Lanterns. Mr. Freeze, who is one of the inmates, initially doesn't want to hurt anyone but the ring that has chosen him takes the form of his wife, Nora, as well as overides the emotion of love, that he feels for her, to that of fear so he begins to cause chaos along with the others and harvest fear for their master, Parallax.

In the Comics

Mr freeze batman 3 villain

Nora Fries as she appears in the comics.

Nora Fries was originally created for the Batman: The Animated Series and made her first appearance in the episode "Heart of Ice".

The character was eventually added to the comic book canon, debuting in Batman: Mr. Freeze, which features Freeze's origin being similar to that of his DCAU counterpart.

Nora, an attractive and gentle girl, meets Victor Fries in a strict boarding school and later marries him. Unfortunately, shortly after their marriage, Nora falls terminally ill. Victor discovers a way to put Nora into cryostasis, hoping to sustain her until a cure can be found. In time her husband will become one of Batman's well known enemies, Mr. Freeze. Over time she falls to pieces in her ice state, but Freeze puts her back together again. Freeze helps Nyssa al Ghul by creating a machine for the Society that can also be used to capture Batgirl. In return, Nyssa helps him restore his wife using the Lazarus Pit. Because of all the years of being altered and broken, Nora absorbs the pit's alchemy, acquiring the powers to conjure flame and reanimate the dead. She becomes a super-villain herself, known as Lazara. Freeze later had no choice but to freeze her into a block of ice in order to stop her.

In the New 52, she is now named Nora Fields, a woman born in 1943 and placed in cryostasis by her parents at age 23 due to her being diagnosed with an incurable heart disease. Her case was taken on by Wayne Enterprises employee Victor Fries, who fell in love with her, becoming obsessed to such a degree that he began believing that she was his wife. The project was terminated by Bruce Wayne and in rage Victor attacked Wayne. This confrontation resulted in an accident leaving Fries's body permanently ruined due to the blistering cold while also causing Fries to become Mr. Freeze. Some time later, Mr. Freeze escapes his cell and tries to steal Nora's body and flee Gotham. Batman intervenes and ultimately tells Freeze the truth concerning his "wife" with Freeze reacting angrily, saying that it's all lies. The two later engage in a fight with Batman eventually emerging as the victor and stopping Freeze.

Other faces of Nora Fries

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