"Clark wouldn't give up on us; we're not going to give up on him." - Oliver Queen, Odyssey.

Oliver comes to rescue Clark

Green Arrow assembled members of his team to search for Clark after his disappearance in the Arctic. Including Black Canary and Aquaman, the three of them first infiltrated a LuthorCorp camp in the Arctic, then met at the Isis Foundation to utilize facial recognition software. Unaware that Black Canary and Aquaman were captured, Oliver located Clark in a Russian camp and went to retrieve him. He informed Clark that Chloe Sullivan was most likely not actually arrested by the authorities, and that he believed that she was being held in another LuthorCorp facility in Montana.


Oliver is poisoned

Despite his not having any superpowers, Clark insisted that they go rescue her. However, at the facility, Oliver was injected with a mind-control serum and shot Clark in the chest under the influence, but came to his senses shortly after. Presumably, Ollie flew Chloe and Lois Lane, also attempting to rescue Chloe, back to Kansas. Back in Metropolis, Oliver, Dinah, Clark and AC met to regroup. Since Dinah and AC's identities were now known by LuthorCorp, they agreed to go underground temporarily. Oliver decided to stay in Metropolis.


Oliver discovers that Lionel killed his parents

Oliver was poisoned while attending a rain-forest fund-raiser. He insisted he not be taken to a hospital and Chloe Sullivan asked Davis Bloome to help care for him. As his condition worsened, Oliver remembered his time shipwrecked on an island where he had taught himself how to use the bow and arrow which would eventually lead to his Green Arrow identity. It was also revealed that he first encountered Tess Mercer on the island, after Oliver was infected by the same poison. He was cured by Tess, and they were both kidnapped by Marcos. The memory enabled Oliver to communicate to Clark that Tess might be able to cure him and Tess helped Clark obtain the cure. Moments before the poison overtook him, Clark found Oliver the cure and he snapped out it. Oliver told Clark to save Tess.


Tess turns down Oliver's offer.

After his ordeal, Tess revealed to Oliver that Lionel Luthor killed his parents and Oliver correctly guessed that Clark was aware of this fact. Drowning his sorrows, he angrily confronted Clark and told him that he had not yet faced a life-changing trial, his own "island moment."

Oliver and Tess had a competitive business relationship. He mentioned that LuthorCorp bought Star City Towers from Queen Industries. Despite this, Oliver tried to rekindle their relationship and spend the night at Luthor Mansion. He bought Tess an expensive bracelet. However, Tess, reminding Oliver that he cheated on her and broke her heart, stated that she was not interested in dating him and dismissed him. Simultaneously, Oliver ran into his ex-girlfriend Lois Lane and Clark at a jewelery store. Undercover for a story, the two told him they had found true love in one another and were engaged. Oliver seemed skeptical but also affected by the sudden news.

Oliver and his womans

Oliver gives up his hero lifestyle and parties.

Learning the truth of his parents' death, coupled with heartbreak, Oliver decided to abandon his Green Arrow duties and descended into a lifestyle of drinking, partying, and girls. He regularly made the gossip pages and jetted off to beaches with various women.


Oliver as the "Good Samaritan."

Clark interrupted his departure for such a trip when he asked Oliver for help. Jimmy Olsen had snapped a photograph of him super-speeding while saving Lois' life and began to suspect that Clark was a mysterious savior for the streets of Metropolis, calling him the "Good Samaritan." Clark asked Oliver to help throw Jimmy off his tracks by dressing up in his hero gear and "rescuing" Jimmy from a staged crime. The scheme did not go as planned, but Oliver did indeed wind up rescuing Jimmy from a mugger, dressing up in a blue hooded leather jacket and red cape. The witnesses reacted with awe and admiration, which inspired Oliver to return to his Green Arrow duties.


Green Arrow subdues Tess Mercer.

Reinvigorated, Oliver decided to continue being Green Arrow and forgave Clark for not telling him about his parents. He flew off to meet with the rest of his team for a summit in Europe. When he returned, Oliver was met by Chloe Sullivan, who asked him for help activating Clark's Crystal of Knowledge. Oliver initially did not want to get involved, saying that he steers clear of Clark's Kryptonian heritage, but when Chloe revealed that she needed him to steal a generator from Tess, Ollie eagerly agreed to help.


Oliver tells Clark that Lex is alive

Infiltrated the Luthor Mansion as Green Arrow, easily subdued Tess with a tranquilizer dart, and delivered the generator to Chloe. Oliver witnessed Chloe activate the crystal, causing great harm to herself in the process. He tried to stop her and, entranced, she pushed him across the room. This event prompted Oliver to confront Clark. Clark admitted that Chloe had been infected by Brainiac infected her somehow. Oliver told Clark as her best friend that he should do something before she really gets into trouble with her ability. He believed that Chloe was in over her head.

On the day of Chloe and Jimmy's wedding, Oliver told Clark that he had evidence that Lex Luthor was alive. He wanted Clark to steal an internet router that would reveal his location. Clark obtained the router but, fearing that Oliver would exact revenge on Lex, insisted that he wait until after the wedding so that Clark could go with him to confront him. Oliver obtained the information from the router and went to kill Lex by himself.

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Oliver comforts Lois.

In Cuba, he found what appeared to be a bald man and delivered what was intended to be a fatal shot, only to learn that it was just a mannequin decoy. He was then attacked by Lana Lang who claimed to also have arrived to catch Lex. She learned that Green Arrow was Oliver's secret identity. Oliver convinced her to return to Smallville to support Chloe at her wedding. She agreed and they both arrived back in town. After the ceremony, Oliver encountered Lois, drinking straight from a bottle of champagne. He offered a friendly ear, and Lois confessed that she was upset because she had feelings for Clark and mistakenly thought that he might return them. Oliver told Lois that Clark might need her after all. However, during their conversation, a monster attacked the wedding guests. Oliver arrived at the barn just in time to see the monster take Chloe.


Oliver meets Tess for a "merger"

Shortly after Detective John Jones was shot, Oliver arrived at the hospital to find Clark. Clark was surprised to learn that Oliver was aware of John Jones' true identity as a Martian, but Oliver explained that he had been working with Jones recently and had even hired a special doctor, Emil Hamilton to care for people with abilities. Clark and Oliver wound up separately investigating the same case involving corrupt police officers. Oliver fell under heavy fire but Clark saved him. Oliver, Clark, and John Jones decided they'd probably be able to get more done working together rather than fighting crime alone.


Oliver at LuthorCorp

Oliver called a meeting with the Board of Directors of LuthorCorp, just as they were about to have a Vote of No-Confidence in Tess Mercer, to discuss a merge with Queen Industries. He claimed he was stepping in for Tess as she was overseas, and established himself as a shareholder of some of LuthorCorp's assets. At the very last moment, Oliver recognized a bomb hidden in an Executive toy just as a large explosion rocked the office and killed every board member. Oliver was wounded and suffered an extensive hospital stay.


Oliver after takes his revenge on the Luthors

While recovering, Oliver asked Chloe Sullivan to investigate whom he thought was responsible: a former Queen Industries employee named Winslow Schott. Oliver convinced Chloe to help him by stating that he believed Schott was working with Lex, which put Clark in danger. Schott went to see Oliver to kill him with a toy bomb, but Oliver managed to get free and forced the Toyman to tell him where Lex was. Oliver took the toy bomb and stashed it in a truck in which he believed Lex was hiding, presumably killing him. When Chloe confronted him, Oliver pointed out that he knew Chloe was responsible for the death of Sebastian Kane. Chloe denied responsibility but Oliver suggested she was more in control than she might want to admit, and put pressure on her to not tell Clark about his involvement. Oliver collected Lex's meteor rock ring.


Oliver as the Green Arrow chained up.

When Clark was not able to attend Chloe's party, Oliver came in his place to give Chloe her gift. The next day, Oliver was confronted by Zatanna, and offered him a wish if he could get her a special book that Lex Luthor acquired. Using his Green Arrow gear, Oliver managed to get into a LuthorCorp warehouse and stole the Book of Zatara. After looking through it, Zatanna could see that it was Oliver behind the shades. When Oliver realized what her intention was, Zatanna used magic to take the book and bind Oliver to a post using chains. He managed to get himself free, and encountered Zatanna in his office, and decided to offer him her magical service into any dealings with supernatural foes. Later that day Oliver and Chloe reactivated the Justice League, with Chloe as the Watchtower.


Oliver confronts Clark over Davis and Chloe.

At the Ace of Clubs, Oliver was making a business deal, when he was interrupted by Jimmy Olsen. Jimmy was asking money to buy some drugs on the street. Going to the Talon trying to protect Chloe, Oliver saw Jimmy stealing money from Chloe, and the two were knocked out and tied up by Davis Bloome. As Oliver tried to reason with Davis, Clark managed to save the two by getting Davis out of the Talon. Oliver berated Chloe for aiding Davis, and later gave Jimmy a job to keep him off the streets. After this, Oliver was prepared to believe the worst of Chloe, as he believed that she had run away with Davis because she loved him; and later lectured Clark of killing Davis when he had the chance.


Oliver is confronted by Clark over the murder of Lex.

After Chloe seemingly returned when it was actually Eva using her shape shifting powers, Clark went to Oliver asking him to retrieve some Black Kryptonite that Tess had in her possession to deal with Doomsday once and for all. Persistently, Oliver made attempts to get back together with Tess, but she continued to turn him down every time. However, he did manage to get her fingerprint which he used to steal a chunk of black kryptonite from her private vault in the mansion. Even though he got a hold of the black kryptonite, Oliver undressed from his Green Arrow wear and got into bed to wait for Tess. Still resisting his charms, Oliver could tell he was swaying her, especially when she caring for his welfare when Plastique and Parasite attacked the mansion.


"You're not one of us anymore."

Discovering Parasite had Clark's powers, Oliver returned in his Green Arrow gear to use the Kryptonite ring to stop the metahumans from killing Clark. Clark saw Oliver with the kryptonite ring, once he regained his powers. The next day, Clark obtained the Black Kryptonite from him and then confronted Oliver about the possession of kryptonite ring and then Oliver admitted that he obtained it when he murdered Lex Luthor.

Oliver arrives at the loft to see Clark discussing his plan about burying Doomsday underground to Impulse and Black Canary and is ostracized by Clark from the group, stating "You're not one of us anymore." He orders Jimmy to find Davis and Chloe by hacking into Tess' computer to use her tracking system.


Oliver at Jimmy's funeral.

Later, he betrayed Clark along with the rest of the Justice League by shooting him with a kryptonite arrow to get him out of the way, and then went to kill Doomsday without interference. After confronting Clark, he and his team abducted Davis and Chloe, then he informed Chloe that Davis had to die to save everyone and then Davis began to transform again. When Oliver was about to shoot him with one of his arrows, Chloe used the black kryptonite and split Davis and Doomsday

Oliver and the rest of the Justice League were defeated by Doomsday and had no choice but to use Clark's plan to bury Doomsday underground. After defeating Doomsday, he, along with the rest of the Justice League, attend Jimmy's funeral and he shed a tear, mourning for his friend. Later, following the funeral, Chloe told Clark at the new Watchtower, that Oliver, Dinah and Bart were all missing now.