"Look Lois, when you gonna learn, okay? I'm nothing more than a shallow playboy... I've got the tabloid covers to prove it." - Oliver Queen, Savior.
Savior 9

Oliver at the Fight club

After Jimmy's death, Oliver disappeared. Feeling helpless and useless as a hero, he took out his anger in an underground fight club, where Lois found him losing a fight. A Kryptonian assassin followed Lois to the fight club and Oliver protected Lois from the assassin's heat vision. Once Clark had defeated the assassin, Lois treated Oliver's wounds, while she tried to encourage him to become Green Arrow again. Oliver claimed that he really was not any kind of hero, which disappointed Lois and she left him.


Oliver realizes how far he has fallen

Oliver returned to Metropolis and was reprimanded by Clark for giving up his heroic persona. When Oliver incorrectly thought that Tess had a camera to spy on him, he went to the Daily Planet to confront her but he was surrounded by rabid zombies. Clark trusted Oliver to protect Lois from the zombies. Looking at himself in a mirror, Oliver realized just how far he had fallen, but distracted himself and allowed Lois to turn into a zombie herself.

In the aftermath, Oliver was confronted for his failure by an enraged Clark. Oliver told Clark that he (Clark) was right about him, and he now knew what to do with his life. After Clark departed, a despondent Oliver burned his Green Arrow costume.


A drunk Oliver in Mexico.

Oliver then fell completely into alcoholism and abandoned his work responsibilities. This caused Tess to go to Mexico to bring him back to Metropolis for a shareholder's meeting. At the meeting, he unwittingly stepped onto a pressure plate connected to a bomb, as his old enemy, the Toyman, reappeared and threatened to blow up the building if he did not admit that he had killed Lex Luthor. Oliver attempted suicide when he voluntarily stepped off the pressure plate, after he waited until the building was empty, assuming that the bomb would detonate the instant he did. However, the bomb was a fake bomb and his suicide plan failed. Oliver confessed his problems to Clark, who told him that he wasn't giving up on Oliver.


Oliver plays for his life.

Continuing his downward spiral, Oliver was throwing away his money in a casino when was kidnapped by a woman and forced to play a game for his own life. After face the death, Oliver rediscovered himself and reconsiders how important is for him his life. Oliver decided to wear his bow and arrow again and returned to being Green Arrow. We later find out that this was arranged by Chloe to show him what he was doing to himself, when Oliver realized that Chloe was behind that she was behind the plan.


Lois tells Oliver that she is in love with someone else.

Visiting an underground fighting ring, Oliver sought out Mia Dearden, promising training and a better future. When she accepted his offer, Mia was given better clothes and a car. He then went to Lois on her “televised” blind date to admit he still has feelings for her. However, Lois told him that she wanted to just be friends because, unfortunately for him, she wanted Clark.

Oliver helped Clark search for Jor-El, later Clark talked to Oliver wanting his help to find Jor-El's killer.

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Oliver and Chloe talk with Clark about stopping Zod

After Lois was taken from the hospital, Oliver was trying to call in the best neurologists in the world. Oliver and Chloe was working hard on tracking Zod and the Kandorians, and in for taking Zod down once and for all. Clark later meets with Oliver and Chloe telling them that it won't be a good idea to go after Zod.


Oliver confronts Vordigan.

Oliver became concerned when he discovered that someone was impersonating him and attacking the women in his life, Lois, Chloe and Mia. Oliver seemed to recognize the skill of the attack and realized that it was his old mentor, Vordigan. Oliver confronted him and managed to defeat him ironically from skills that the Dark Archer had taught him. Mia now realized that Oliver was Green Arrow and requested that they resume their training sessions.


Green Arrow vs. Hawkman

When a mysterious man that knew about the heroes team was murdered, he helped Chloe and Clark to investigate what was happening. He then discovered that there was a retired group of heroes that protected the world in the past like he was doing now. Oliver joined forces with the remaining Justice Society members, alongside Clark, Chloe, and John Jones, to stop the killer. Teaming with Hawkman, Oliver learned that he is afraid of being near people or letting them get close romantically so he acts insensitive. After receiving several tips from the old League, especially Carter Hall, Oliver decided began to change his behavior.

Oliver started to spend more time at the Watchtower with Chloe and, because of the loneliness they both felt and their desire to have some fun, began an intimate relationship.


Oliver starts to spend more time with Chloe

When Oliver was confronted by Tess for being responsible for destroying the Solar Tower, she told Oliver that one of his employees was embezzling money from the company, which Oliver deduced to be Chloe’s doing. Confronting Chloe, Oliver discovered that she had used the money to fund an arsenal of Kryptonian weaponry. Oliver protected the arsenal from Tess by hiding it, as he knew that she was spying on him and Chloe.


Oliver and Chloe become a couple

Oliver took Chloe on a secret getaway to a bed and breakfast for a private weekend together where they ended up bumping into Clark and Lois. After an awkward double date breakfast and a talk with Clark, Oliver bought Chloe a gift, but Chloe turned it down, saying that their relationship shouldn't get serious. Later, he ran into a possessed Lois while looking for Chloe. She said she would take him to her out in the woods, only to attack him. Just as Siobhan was about to kill him, Clark showed up and with the help of Chloe, defeated her. Later, Oliver and Chloe talked about their relationship, past and scars, the conversation ending in a surprise kiss from Chloe.


Oliver is abducted by Amanda Waller

Oliver was kidnapped by Checkmate in an attempt to recruit him to work for the government to fight in an oncoming war, but he escaped. He reunited with a worried Chloe at Watchtower and filled her and Clark in on the situation. He insisted the he should join in on the investigation but Chloe, for his safety, suggested it wasn't a good idea. Later, at a Luthorcorp banquet, he and Tess shared a conversation, in which she discovered that he was Green Arrow and he discovered she worked for Checkmate. Once he discovered that Chloe had been abducted by Checkmate, he quickly went to Watchtower and shut down Checkmate's headquarters power grid to help Clark rescue Chloe. He later met with Tess who begged him for forgiveness, but he turned her away, saying he no longer trusted her.

His attraction toward Chloe began to be increasingly stronger. Oliver decided to follow the advice of Chloe and keep a low profile to avoid Checkmate, going out of town from time to time to throw off suspicion. Even when he was away on business, he sent her messages showing that he missed her.

Sacrifice 2235

Oliver in the hospital

Later Clark told Oliver about Zod and how he had powers. Oliver wanted to take action but Clark didn't want to start a war and pleaded with Oliver not to do anything. Oliver later went after Zod and found him in the Luthor mansion and Zod asked him to join him to take down Checkmate. Oliver refused and fired an arrow when Zod threw him to a wall. Zod collapsed due to Oliver's arrow being made from kryptonite. Injured, Oliver told Zod he wouldn't kill him or his people because he made a promise to Clark. However, when Zod vanished, Oliver turned around just in time to get a Z scorched into his chest. He was rushed to the hospital and warned Clark that Checkmate was after the Kandorians.


Oliver kisses Chloe

While in recovery, Chloe stayed by Oliver's side and after he quickly recovered from his injuries, Oliver returned to Metropolis to join Chloe, Clark, and other heroes at Watchtower to learn the battle plan against the Kandorians.


Oliver tries to escape the ventilation shafts

After the Watchtower lost communications with the rest of the league, Oliver told Chloe that he had a satellite launched specifically for Watchtower that needed to be brought online manually. He and Chloe shared a sweet and tender kiss before Oliver went to establish the satellite connection. After taking directions from Chloe in order to navigate through a series of ventilation shafts and succeed on his mission, Oliver was swarmed by what Chloe thought were the Kandorians. Oliver tried to escape but the situation became untenable. After confessing his love to Chloe, he informed her that his attackers were not Kandorians before the line went dead.