"A terrorist? You really have it backwards. No one's ever been hurt. And Lex's factories aren't exactly producing Christmas toys for little girls and boys. I'm the good guy!" - Oliver Queen, Siren.
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Oliver returns to Metropolis

Once Oliver returned, he asked Chloe for help to download information on Lex's projects, and once she did, she was attacked by Black Canary. Oliver managed to get to her in time to save her, although Clark later showed up in his apartment with angry words for getting Chloe involved with Oliver. He figured Lois would be there to see him so he made dinner for them, however, Black Canary appeared, and attacked them.

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Oliver fights Lex

After the attack, Lois saw Oliver's costume and archery gear and discovered he was Green Arrow. Oliver later got loose, and had an intense fight with Lex. He then asked Lois to try to make their relationship work, but she knew it was not going to work out. Although, he did make an addition to his team of heroes: Black Canary.

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Oliver finds a new ally

Oliver stayed close to Metropolis and Chloe Sullivan allowed him to use Isis Foundation for storage of equipment. When Chloe Sullivan was arrested, Oliver investigated her arrest and discovered that she was not being held by any conventional law enforcement entity.

After Lex was shot in Detroit he began to remember events from his childhood, he remembers the days when he played alongside Oliver, Patricia and Jason and recollected his father's secret meetings with a group known as Veritas. Oliver's parents had been part of Veritas, which had been awaiting the Traveler's arrival on Earth.

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