"But there's a whole world of people out there, Clark. They need us. With your potential... you can't wait for them to come to you. When you're ready to do something about that... you let me know." - Oliver Queen, Arrow.

Oliver is preparing to fire an arrow

During his time in Metropolis, Oliver lived in a loft apartment known as Queen Tower. His company, Queen Industries, owned the only satellite that stayed online during Dark Thursday and Oliver learned that Lex was behind the destruction. He had Lex followed and kidnapped by two henchmen, Block and Wagner, so he could be questioned about the origins of his powers. Lionel suspected Oliver was responsible but he denied having anything to do with it. Oliver had requested no violence during Lex's kidnap, although his employees ignored this request. Nevertheless, Clark saved Lex, and Oliver became interested in the mysterious savior.


Oliver flirts with Lois

Shortly after, Oliver stopped by the Kent Farm to meet with Senator Martha Kent but instead met Lois, who mistook him for a messenger boy for Queen Industries and sent a rather stunned Oliver on his way. After Lois learned from Mrs. Kent who he actually was, she went to his loft to apologize and gave him a fruit basket as a token of her apology. Then, He invited her to go to Lex Luthor's charity ball and Lois reluctantly agreed. They attended the ball together and at the end, a kind of attraction between them emerged.


The Green Arrow makes his first appearance in public

Oliver donned his Green Arrow uniform and stole a diamond necklace from Martha Kent. Lois Lane became obsessed with finding the identity of the green thief, which got her kidnapped by his enemies. They tortured her to force her to provide information, but he rescued her in time. She attempted to unmask him, but Clark Kent intervened, in exchange for return of the diamond necklace, and the two agreed to protect each other's secret identities. However, Oliver was unimpressed with Clark; he believed Clark should use his powers to help anybody in need.


Oliver is shot by his own arrow

Lex and Oliver returned to their school for an alumni event and were startled when Oliver's old friends were killed in violent and mysterious accidents. It was revealed that Oliver and his friends relentlessly teased Lex and his best friend Duncan Allenmeyer, eventually goading Lex into beating Duncan up and causing him to become severely injured in a car accident. Oliver believed that Duncan had died, but the recent murders began to point to him. Oliver had to face the guilt and regret over his part in Duncan's severe injury and admitted to Lex that he was sorry. However, Duncan had, in fact, survived and almost killed Oliver in revenge, but he was saved by Clark Kent. Later, he met Chloe Sullivan in the Kent's barn while he talked to Clark about make right choices for the future.


An addicted Oliver is confronted by Clark

Oliver had Dr. Pamela Black manufacture a healing drug. In the middle of a date with Lois, Oliver dashed away to save a couple from being carjacked, but was shot in the process. He used the drug to heal his wound completely, however, it also had side effects: angry outbursts and mood swings. Lois came into the apartment and saw Green Arrow there not realizing it was Oliver. He pushed her down into a glass table and fled. He went to find his shooter and discovered he also had obtained the drug. Realizing that Lex had allowed experiments to be done on halfway house residents, Oliver attacked Lex with an arrow and Lex responded by shooting him in the chest. Oliver took the drug again to save his life and Clark gave Lex the drug to save him, despite Oliver protesting. When Oliver recovered from the drug-induced mood swing he admitted that he had developed the drug so he could be like Clark, but recognized that he couldn't resort to murder to accomplish that as Clark Kent would never kill anyone.


Oliver dismisses Lois suspicions with the Clark's help

When Lois suspected Oliver was Green Arrow, he came up with a plan for Clark to disguise himself as Green Arrow while Lois was also with Oliver. Oliver was relieved that the plan worked, although it gave Clark the opportunity to kiss Lois, which he was not happy about.


Oliver and his League rescue Bart

Oliver had been recruiting super-powered individuals to form a group that fought for good. His band of super-human heroes then had to spring into action and rescue team member Impulse. They worked together to destroy one of LuthorCorp's Level 33.1 facilities. He and the Justice League left Metropolis to shut down other Level 33.1 locations across the globe.

Even after leaving Metropolis with his superhero team, Oliver's benevolence and wealth continued to help the friends he made in Kansas. His hero team shut down at least eight 33.1 labs around the world. He provided Clark Kent with the details on a lethal internet fight club so that Clark could shut it down. When Clark met Tobias Rice, he asked Oliver to arrange for him to receive a cornea transplant and sent him to Oliver's hometown of Star City for the surgery.


"Let's go save the world."

Oliver also provided a safe haven for Moira Sullivan, the mother of Chloe Sullivan, after Moira was kidnapped and exploited by Lex. Chloe enlisted Oliver's help again when Lois was kidnapped by Wes Keenan. Oliver reported to her about encountering another version of Lex's super soldier in a desert in Utah, explaining that he used an exploding arrow to penetrate the soldier's force field. Clark, upon learning about Oliver's solution to the shield, used his heat vision at maximum to shatter Keenan's force field.