"People have these vigilantes all wrong. There is only one way for me to set the record straight. I am Green Arrow." - Oliver, Supergirl
Lazarus 0450

Oliver being tortured.

Oliver was abducted by mysterious men and was blindfolded and brutally interrogated by one of their agents to get information about his team and on the strange symbols that appeared around the world similar to the Blur's. Oliver resisted without breaking all abuse and refused to give up. Finally, without understanding why and unknowingly, he was released when Chloe traded herself for him.

Shield 0456

Oliver searches for Chloe.

Frantically searching for Chloe after she went missing, Oliver discovered that all the records of Chloe were erased, and finally tracked down the place where he had been held captive and confronted his kidnapper, who revealed that Chloe had traded herself for him and then killed herself to protect him. Oliver realized that Chloe had faked her own death after finding an antidote to the cyanide pill that she took in her apartment but felt guilty by Chloe´s decision and started blaming himself for it.

Supergirl 59118

Oliver reveals his secret to the press.

When Lois warned Oliver that Gordon Godfrey obtained evidence about his secret identity as Green Arrow, Oliver started to think about his life and realized that Chloe sacrificed everything to protect him and his fellow heroes due to their secret identities. He then made a decision to reveal his identity to the world so that Chloe could return to him and called a press conference to announce he is Green Arrow.

After revealing himself to the public, Oliver began to be harassed by the media. Really insecure about his recent act, Oliver felt not having the support of his fellow heroes as he prepared for an interview with the local TV-media to discuss his alter-ego. When the reporter began tearing him down for being a vigilante, strengthened by Clark's presence, Oliver makes a speech, reassuring his acts and defiantly proclaimed that he definitely was a hero.

SM ISIS 000196

Oliver's newfound popularity.

Because of his newfound popularity, Oliver started to appear in his Green Arrow glory and began to receiving gifts from the people of Metropolis. After he was confronted by Tess for his actions in public, Oliver confessed to her that he was only trying to fill the loneliness in his heart because he missed Chloe so much. After rejecting enlist Tess' help and influence in Lois' possession, Oliver finally agreed that she would be useful and he and Clark invited Tess into their team to fill the void of Watchtower.


Oliver shares his final day in Watchtower with Tess.

Despite his decision to allow Tess to run Watchtower, Oliver didn't adjust, particularly as she began to make changes to their base much to Oliver's dismay, who wanted to keep Chloe's memory in it. When Tess discovered that both he and Clark were marked by the Suicide Squad while examining Oliver, he continued to remain distrustful on Tess, no matter how much she tried to help. After a fight, Oliver offered to Tess a peace and the two shared a meal together. He then stated that he would stop coming to the Watchtower because that when he revealed himself to the public, he risked endangering his fellow team members and the Watchtower, as people now paid closer attention to him.


Oliver being tested by Slade.

Oliver reluctantly returned to Watchtower after Dr. Hamilton found a way to remove the tracking tattoo and discussed with Clark the need for someone to register into the VRA to protect the rest of the team. Oliver agreed to register himself as he has already compromised his identity but after he signs the registration in a press conference, he was escorted by Col. Slade to a secret military facility where he was subjected to a battery of tests to assess his capabilities to prove if he has any superpowers. Slade then tortured Oliver by waterboarding him into giving up more of his allies, but he was saved by his team mates who blew up the installation. After discovering a mark of the darkness on Slade's skull, Clark told Oliver and the rest of the team about the dark force that had come to the earth.

After what happened with the military facility, Oliver began to stay away from Metropolis, but when an evil version of Clark appeared on the city, Oliver was called to Watchtower by Tess to help fight him.


The public turns on Oliver.

When Clark and Lois got engaged, Oliver held an engagement party at Watchtower for them, while talk to Clark, Oliver revealed that after blowing up the installation, he and all the other heroes began to be labeled as terrorists and then Clark asked him to be his best man at the wedding. Later that night, while saving a girl from a thief, he was attacked by a mob of angry people. After being saved by Carter and Courtney, the team decided to shut down Watchtower to protect themselves until they discover more about the dark force that apparently had spread throughout the city. After Carter Hall died while saving Lois, Oliver and the other heroes attended his funeral in Egypt.

Sv1012 199

Chloe and Oliver reunite again in the Virtual World.

After three weeks of being in cyberspace setup by the VRA, Oliver found himself at his office, very shaken up after what happened and kept having flashbacks of Chloe, similar to Dinah and Clark. He had himself committed, believing that the VRA was responsible for robbing him of his sanity. Chloe had later confronted Oliver, appearing in his cell. Chloe informed him of a virtual world they were all in, and able to manipulate matter to escape. Chloe and Oliver returned to the real world, only to prove Chloe right about the lab by the VRA. Oliver joined forces with the Suicide Squad to free the other heroes and get out alive. Chloe and Oliver decided to spend the remaining time that they had with each other while she was there.


Oliver finds Lionel and Alexander in his office.

After spending a night with Chloe, Oliver awoke at her side to see a Pro-Hero Rally in Metropolis online. Oliver joined Clark's side to investigate Martha's attack. When Oliver returned to LuthorCorp, he found Lionel Luthor and Alexander Luthor in his office, who revealed that they had bought out Oliver and Tess due to their illicit activities and were taking back LuthorCorp. Oliver later watched the VRA announcement at the Kent farm and was enjoyed when it was repealed.


Oliver has been corrupted by Darkseid.

Despite having to lose everything he worked hard for from Lionel, Oliver was reduced to a form of mundane normalcy as he hides under shades and hat. Oliver later went to dinner with Chloe at a restaurant, assuming the identity of "The Jones' " in order to get a table. Unfortunately, they are caught in the act by the FBI backup of the Jones' who are actually FBI agents investigating a recent string of murders, which eventually leads to Chloe being captured by Desaad. While Clark saves Chloe, Oliver viciously attacks the leaving Desaad, only stopping when Clark tells him that Chloe is alive. After having a heartfelt conversation with Chloe about their relationship, it is revealed that Oliver has the Omega symbol branded on him, meaning that he has been corrupted by Darkseid.

Sv1015 000885

Oliver informs Chloe that they are married.

After getting drunk at Clark and Lois bachelor/bachlorette parties, Oliver helps Lois to regain her engagement ring. At the end, while all the gang watched the video of the wild night, Chloe snuck away to leave but was noticed by Oliver, who follow her. Before Chloe can explain herself, Oliver gave her the other side of the marriage certificate that she had found in the morning and revealed that the two were married during the previous night. Knowing she'd accepted a job in his hometown, Oliver decided to accompany Chloe in her journey and the two departed happily to Star City to begin a new life together.

Sv10x19 000678

Oliver hesitates about killing Clark.

After some weeks, Oliver returned to Metropolis after Tess alerted him about Slade being back from the Phantom Zone and followed Clark to the Zone only to be brought before Zod. Zod spoke with Oliver, as he acknowledged that the archer was indeed an agent of darkness, and tells him that when Darkseid takes over, he will delve into his anger and need for vengeance to side with the Dark Lord. Zod offered Oliver to rule with him in exchange for killing Clark and although Oliver was seduced by the idea while fighting with him in an arena, he did not and helped Clark to trick Zod. Once they returned from the Zone, Oliver kept secret about being infected by Darkseid and went on Hawkman's quest to find the Bow of Orion as Oliver believed it was this same bow that forced Darkseid out of existence before, and it should do the same again.


Oliver finds the Bow of Orion.

Oliver found his way to the island where the cave the Bow of Orion was residing in and found Kara Kent trapped in an impenetrable circle trap. He freed her and together look for the bow. After Kara was summoned by Jor-El and had to leave, Oliver found the bow and finally saw hope that he could be saved. However Granny Goodness thwarted this and destroyed the bow. Oliver, crushed at seeing his only chance destroyed but hoped that he could find another way. Granny Goodness then forced him onto his knees and draws out the darkness which takes him over and remove his memories. Oliver later dug up a piece of Gold kryptonite.


Oliver and Chloe at the Chapel.

As Chloe and Oliver were decorating the wedding chapel for Clark and Lois, they knew about Lois calling off the wedding because of her concerns and insecurities. Oliver told Chloe to talk to Lois to insure the wedding goes on. Then while under the influence of Darkseid, Oliver had Watchtower blocked from using satellites to be alerted by the approaching Apokolips.


Oliver is summoned by Darkseid's prophets.

Oliver was then called by the Unholy Trinity (Granny Goodness, Desaad, and Gordon Godfrey) who wanted Oliver to rid Clark of his Kryptonian birthright through the gold kryptonite he found.


Oliver is freed from Darkseid's control.

At the wedding, when it was time to exchange rings, Oliver gave Lois the gold kryptonite rings however Chloe recognized that those rings were reacting strangely, so she knocked them out of Lois’s hands and away from Clark. Oliver was forced to expose himself as a servant to Darkseid and used his power to subdue Clark. However, Clark’s heart-warming words were able to save his friend.


Oliver defeats Darkseid's followers.

Oliver returned to Clark and Chloe’s side at the farm. When Chloe decided to return to Star City to access Watchtower's database, Oliver insisted on going with her, but she told him to stay and be a hero before kissing him passionately. Oliver went to Watchtower and got his Green Arrow gear then headed off to deal with Unholy Trinity. The prophets were unimpressed by Oliver, saying he could never defeat them. Oliver proved them wrong by drawing back his bow and fired three arrows at the trio, vanquishing them.


Oliver happily watches Clark save the Earth.

Later, Oliver watched as Apokolips was pushed away from the Earth by a new and heroic Clark Kent. Oliver smiled happily to see that his friend had finally embraced his destiny.

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