An orphan is a child permanently bereaved of his or her parents, usually at a young age.

Being orphaned is a major theme on Smallville. Orphans often have a fear of abandonment and feelings of alienation. In contrast, the series emphasizes the importance of parenting in the development of a child.

Known Orphans

Main Characters
Minor Characters
  • Cyrus Krupp - A metahuman with the ability to Heal others; his parents were killed in the 1989 meteor shower.
  • Evan Gallagher - A metahuman baby who aged very quickly. His parents died around the time of his birth, and Clark and Lana raised him.
  • Ryan James - A telepathic child whose mom died and stepfather re-married. His aunt served as his guardian, and he felt very close to Clark and Martha Kent.


  • Orphans on Smallville are often adopted. Clark was adopted by the Kents, while Lana was adopted by her Aunt Nell.
  • Superheroes are often orphaned in the comics. In DC Comics, Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne were both orphaned at a young and adopted by guardians (the Kents and Alfred the butler, respectively) who raise them to have good values. In Marvel Comics, Peter Parker (Spider-Man) was orphaned as a young man and adopted by his aunt and uncle; it is from them that Peter learns that "with great power comes great responsibility."

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