Osiris was an Egyptian god of death and the lover of Isis.

Early life

At some point, he married with the goddess Isis. Osiris was cut into a thousand pieces by his brother Set out of jealousy and got his spirit ripped from his heart. Isis spends a life time searching for her soul mate.

Season Ten

Eventually, Lois Lane was possessed by the goddess Isis who was trying to bring Osiris back to life through Clark Kent's body. If Isis succeeded in this, Osiris would bring Hell on Earth, since his soul was sent to the Underworld. Clark defeated Isis before this event happened.


In Egyptian Mythology

Osiris is a god from ancient Egypt. He was at times considered the brother and husband of Isis. Set (Osiris' brother), along with the Queen of Ethiopia, conspired with 72 accomplices to plot the assassination of Osiris. Set fooled Osiris into getting into a box, which Set then shut, sealed with lead, and threw into the Nile. Osiris' wife, Isis, searched for his remains until she finally found him embedded in a tamarind tree trunk, which was holding up the roof of a palace in Byblos on the Phoenician coast. She managed to remove the coffin and open it, but Osiris was already dead. In one version of the myth, she used a spell learned from her father and brought him back to life so he could impregnate her. Afterwards he died again and she hid his body in the desert. Months later, she gave birth to Horus. While she raised Horus, Set was hunting one night and came across the body of Osiris. Enraged, he tore the body into fourteen pieces and scattered them throughout the land. Isis gathered up all the parts of the body, less the phallus (which was eaten by a catfish) and bandaged them together for a proper burial. The deities were impressed by the devotion of Isis and resurrected Osiris as the god of the underworld. Because of his death and resurrection, Osiris was associated with the flooding and retreating of the Nile and thus with the crops along the Nile valley.

In the comics

In the DC universe there are two characters with the name Osiris.

Agent of the Overmaster

Osiris is an Egyptian hero who wears a high-tech suit of golden armor and believes he is the god Osiris re-incarnate. He first appeared as an agent of the Overmaster and a member of the Cadre of the Immortal. After the Immortal’s death, Osiris finally perceived the true threat of the Overmaster, he, Seneca and Mohammed Ibn Bornu allied themselves with the Justice League in order to stop the Overmaster.

Amon Tomaz


Osiris as he apperas in the comics.

Osiris first appears in a picture of teen superheroes and was a part of the Teen Titans between the events of the Infinite Crisis and One Year Later. Week 23 of the series 52 reveals that Osiris is Amon Tomaz, brother of the hero Isis. He is also the brother-in-law of Black Adam. Amon has been repeatedly beaten and tortured by members of the criminal cult Intergang who are trying to brainwash him into joining the cult. He refuses to join them time and again and tries to run away, resulting in the beatings getting worse, as Intergang tries to make sure he will never walk again. He is discovered by the Question and Renee Montoya who alert Isis and Black Adam to his location. The super-powered couple arrive to free him, and Isis discovers that her powers over nature are not enough to heal his wounds as they are too deep, and that Amon will never walk again. Black Adam shares the powers of his deities with the boy, and Amon calls down the mystical lightning by saying his benefactor's name, "Black Adam". He gains the same powers as the rest of the Marvel Family.
1097740-osiris 52 23

Amon transforms to Osiris for the first time.

Later he feels that he wants friends. He and the other Black Marvels help the other Marvels defeat Sabbac on Halloween using their magic lightning when he tries to sacrifice children to Neron. After doing acts of good and helping people throughout the world, he travels to America to join the Teen Titans. Captain Marvel Jr. was at first skeptical because of Amon's connection to Black Adam, but is emotionally moved by Osiris' eagerness and promises to vouch for him. Junior's only condition is that Osiris must "convince the rest of the world" of his pure intentions. Osiris, filled with hope, accepts. However, shortly afterwards, the Persuader began torturing Isis during a conflict between the Black Adam family and the Suicide Squad with his atomic axe, cutting open her cheek. Angered, Osiris uses too much force and tears Persuader in half, turning public opinion against the Black Marvel family.

Feeling despair over his killing of the Persuader, Osiris travels to the Rock of Eternity to ask Captain Marvel to remove his powers, as he feels they are a curse and are destroying Khandaq. Black Adam and Isis attempt to assure him that his abilities are not evil in nature and he can still do good. Marvel states that Osiris is not a bad person as the Sins (demons imprisoned in Marvel's lair) did not want him. Osiris attacks Black Adam, but stops his anger when he accidentally hits Isis. Osiris relents and returns home with his sister and brother-in-law. Days later, Osiris, still not convinced plans to leave Khandaq forever with Sobek, a bioengineered talking crocodile taken from Sivana's labs, who persuades the teenager to reject the powers of Black Adam and revert to Amon to rid himself of his 'curse'. Osiris decides that being unable to walk must be his penance. Osiris does so and is devoured alive by Sobek, who reveals himself as Famine, Horseman of Apokolips.

Despite his short time as a Titan, a memorial statue of Osiris has been erected in Titans Tower.

Osiris was later reanimated as a Black Lantern. However, because Black Adam had magically restored Amon's body to its empowered form before its entombment, Osiris was able to resist the ring's control and ultimately severed his own connection, along with that of the Black Lantern Sobek by using his lightning which struck both him and Sobek, finally dying a hero.

1353362-white lantern amon tomaz of earth

Osiris as a White Lantern.

Along with several other heroes and villains Osiris was brought back to life at the end of Blackest Night. Due to being dead during Osiris's tenure with the Titans, Superboy humorously asks Kid Flash who Osiris is, referring to him as "Black Adam Jr.". Osiris ignores his fellow Titans, simply stating that he wishes to return home.

Following this, Osiris returns to Khandaq, vowing to restore the kingdom to its former prosperity. Osiris takes the petrified bodies of Black Adam and Isis and flies off to an unknown destination.

Angered when he discovers that he does not possess the power to restore his loved ones, Osiris enlists in Deathstroke 's new team of Titans hoping that the mercenary will be able to help him in his goal. During his first mission with the team, Osiris assists in the murder of Ryan Choi, the fourth Atom. During his confrontation with Choi, Osiris tells the hero that he is sorry that he has to kill him. After the mission, Osiris becomes angered at Deathstroke's choice to name the team after the Teen Titans, claiming that they do not deserve it.

After the Titans' second mission, Osiris returns to his quarters, in which the statues of Adam and Adrianna are. He notices that Adrianna's statue has changed slightly, developing a crack in her cheek. Osiris sits and meditates, willing that Adrianna shows him the way. The White Lantern symbol appears above him as he does so.

Osiris is soon after contacted by the Entity, who tells him to free Isis. Just prior to being contacted by the Entity, Osiris enters into a verbal altercation with two of his teammates, Cinder and Tattooed Man, and ends up being cut across the face by the latter. Shocked after seeing that Tattooed Man was somehow able to make him bleed, a confused Osiris flies off into the sky, where he is eventually approached by the Entity. After learning that he must free his sister, Osiris muses that he may be able to rescue Black Adam as well, and claims that once his sister and Adam are freed, he will make the Titans regret mistreating him.

During a battle with a drug kingpin named Elijah, Osiris again experiences a vision of Isis after Pisces knocks him out. She tells her brother that he is guilty for his hand in the murder of Ryan Choi, and that in order to free her, he will have to kill more people, making many more sacrifices. Osiris accidentally electrocutes Elijah after waking from his vison when he yells about Isis, and returns home to find that more cracks have appeared on Isis' statue. He then surmises that it was Elijah's death which caused the cracks, and states that he will indeed have to kill more people to free Isis from her prison.

During a breakout at Arkham Asylum, Osiris is confronted by Killer Croc whom Osiris believes to be his old friend Sobek, who killed him. and brutally attacks him. Osiris kills a guard with lightning, although by doing so he releases all of the prisons' inmates. While they battle, the new Batman arrives and see Osiris, realising that he has been working with Deathstroke's team. Batman tries to get Osiris to explain his actions, but Osiris eventually escapes from Arkham Asylum and departs Deathstroke's team.

Osiris travels to Philadelphia where he brutally kills several armed criminals until Freddy Freeman, the new Shazam, arrives. Osiris and Freddy fight, with Freddy trying to convince Osiris to stop killing. Osiris tricks Freddy into thinking he has been convinced, then uses the magic lightning to steal Freddy's powers and gives them to Isis, restoring her. The Entity then speaks to Osiris telling him that his mission has been accomplished and his life has been restored. However, Isis' first words to Osiris when he returns to her are "What have you done to me?"

Osiris discovers that the deaths he caused have corrupted Isis' soul, causing her to fluctuate between her normal personality and a cruel callous one. While watching over her, he sees a news report on Khandaq being attacked by Qurac, and returns to find she has escaped. Isis attempts to commit suicide by lightning in order from her corrupted of destroy the world, but Osiris shields her with his own body. When they awake, Isis discovers that the corruption has left her, but she still feels it inside Osiris, and it worries her.


Osiris with Isis and Black Adam.

Later, Osiris attacks the Qurac soldiers alongside Isis; she learns that Osiris became more violent to killing soldiers. Osiris then join Deathstroke's Titans to attacks Justice League, where were stopped by Isis to force them to leave Khandaq. She further ruler ship to withdraw from the United Nations, and says they will outlaw and recognize no power but their own for starting of World War III. When they leave, Osiris is stunned that his sister, Isis that he is not welcome in Khandaq of his bloodlust. Upon returning to the labyrinth, Deathstroke reveals to them that his proceeding items were used to create a healing machine called "Methuselah" for his dying son, Jericho. After healing Jericho, Deathstroke claims the machine can also resurrect the dead also can bring Black Adam as well. Osiris initially accepts, but after Cinder declares the Device a curse, he joins his and Tattooed Man in fighting the other Titans to destroy the Device. After Cinder sacrifices herself to destroy the device, Osiris leaves with Doctor Sivana in tow. He demands that Sivana create a new Methuselah Device to restore Black Adam, but Sivana asks in return that he helps him kill the wizard Shazam.

In the New 52, Amon secretly works as translator for the terrorist group, known as the Sons of Adam in Kahndaq. The group wants Amon to translate an ancient passage, performing a spell that will resurrect Black Adam, the mythical protector of the country that was hidden from the people from millennia but was recently seen before he was turn to ashes by the American superhero Shazam. The group has found the ashes and Amon starts casting the spell when suddenly his sister, Adrianna, arrives to warn him that the military has located them and are on their way. Unfortunately before he is able to finish the spell Amon gets shot as the military has mistakenly though he is the terrorists' leader. Adrianna tries to get help but Amon insists that she has to help him finish the spell. The soldiers find them and thinking that they are both terrorists decide to kill both of them, but suddenly a desperate Adrianna shouts the word "SHAZAM", finishing the spell. Black Adam returns to life and saves both of them but unfortunately it is too late for Amon as he has already passed away from his wound shot.