Series  Smalllville Comic #7
Number  15
Writer  Clint Carpenter
Pencils  Tom Grummett
Inks  Kevin Conrad
Colors  Trish Mulvihill
Lettering  Rob Leigh
Publication Date 
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After being caught in the rain, Jonathan and Martha look at the ups and downs of raising a son like Clark. Regardless of the setbacks, they have no regrets.


(Credit for the recap information goes to Neal Bailey from Superman Homepage.)

Martha Kent comes out of the Smallville Savings and Loan while Jonathan listens to John Schneider on the radio. When she enters the car, she tells Pa that they can make half payments this month because of the car accident. Jonathan laments Clark's fault in the matter.

Pete and Clark, meanwhile, play basketball. Pete trash talks and Clark takes the basketball at super speed.

He jumps over Pete and slams the basketball, telling Pete if he stops trash talking, he might let him win sometimes. Pete says that if he did that, he'd miss the show.

The basketball falls from near orbit, smashing Pete's truck. Pete gapes, but Clark smooths the dents with his hands.

On the road, the Kents have a flat. Pa Kent tells Ma they have no umbrella because Clark ruined it running to get the phone from Lana while guarding himself from rain. And they lack a spare, because while burning some brush with heat vision, Clark turned towards the car and burned out the spare.

Ma Kent asks him if he's regretting. Pa Kent recalls Clark sharpening his family knife for him with his fingers, and replies that he would never.

Pete and Clark, driving by, see Ma and Pa Kent getting mushy, and drive on. Pete says that for once, he's glad he can't see through walls.


  • Parenthood is the state of a parent; the office or character of a parent.
  • In this story, Martha and Jonathan reflect on the stressful and wonderful moments of parenthood.



  • This story takes place sometime after Duplicity as Pete demonstrates his knowledge of Clark's secret.


Pete: He scores! That's game point baby. You sure today's Saturday?
Clark: Yeah...
Pete: Then why am I taking you to school?
Clark: Keep talking wiseguy.
Pete: Maybe you've been pretending to suck for so long, you've forgotten how to-- (Clark gets the ball into the basket.) --play.

Jonathan: Great, a flat.
Martha: And I suppose this is Clark's fault, too?
Jonathan: No... But that umbrella you're digging for? I don't think you're going to find it.
(Flashback to a previously raining day with Clark loading hay into the truck while holding an umbrella.)
Jonathan: Clark... Lana's on the phone. (Clark runs at superspeed while holding the umbrella.) Son...
Clark: (He looks at the umbrella ruined due to his speed) Oops. Sorry...

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