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Paul Brenner Smallville
Paul Brenner
Occupation Physician (Metropolis General Hospital), Agent of Checkmate
Played By Jonathan Lloyd Walker
Status Unknown

Dr. Paul Brenner was a Checkmate operative working at Metropolis General Hospital.

Season Nine

Paul was approached by Chloe Sullivan at Met Gen who was trying to get information on missing patients who were meant to check in over at Belle Reve, but instead ended up at Checkmate. Paul was evasive in her questioning at first. Then he saw that Chloe was trying to scan his PDA and initiated a counter-scan while trying to buy some time. He realized that Chloe was a target Checkmate was looking for and had her taken to the agency's headquarters. He held Chloe at gunpoint at Amanda Waller's order. When Checkmate's headquarters lost power, he took a shot but Clark was able to save Chloe and stop him and the other operative's in the room.

Agent Brenner later returned alongside Agent Campbell to hunt down Tess Mercer.