Paul Shapiro is a director of Smallville.

Some episodes he has directed are:

Season One

  • Stray - Ryan James can read minds. In Smallville, he tries to escape his abusive stepparents who use his abilities to help them steal by feigning amnesia. He stays with the Kents, and Clark gets to have a little brother for a few days. Meanwhile, Lex Luthor turns down an offer from his father to return to Metropolis.

Season Four

  • Jinx - Chloe is drawn into an underground gambling ring at school run by foreign exchange student Mikhail Mxyzptlk and wins big on a football game despite Mxyzptlk using special powers to control all the players - including Clark. Meanwhile, Lex threatens Mxyzptlk with deportation but Mxyzptlk convinces him to make a wager. With so much riding on the championship, Chloe puts herself into harm's way by discovering Mxyzptlk's weakness.
  • Pariah - Clark has big concerns after his new girlfriend, Alicia becomes the prime suspect in a brutal attack against Lana and Jason. Clark initially defends Alicia, but when the evidence begins to pile up, he is forced to take a hard truthful look at the situation. Hurt by Clark's actions, Alicia forces Clark to unknowingly reveal his powers in front of Chloe. Meanwhile, Jason's mother returns to town with an offer for Lex.

Season Five

Aqua BtS

Director Paul Shapiro, Michael Rosenbaum and Alan Ritchson from Aqua

  • Aqua - Lois hits her head while jumping into a lake and is saved by a mysterious swimmer, Arthur "AC" Curry. Clark meets the human form of Professor Milton Fine after his first lecture. Fine tells Clark that Lex Luthor is behind a covert operation manufacturing weapons. AC attempts to break into the LuthorCorp Marine Center in an attempt to destroy one of the weapons and is captured. Clark breaks into the lab and saves AC. Together they destroy the weapon, thereby ruining the deal Lex has been brokering. Clark finally finds himself unable to trust Lex any longer and agrees to work for Professor Fine in exposing the activities of LuthorCorp.
  • Thirst - Lana decides to enroll at Metropolis University at the last minute and is forced to join a sorority to find housing at such a late date. However, the house leader Buffy Sanders and her new sorority sisters offer her more than a place to crash after they turn her into a vampire and instruct her to kill Clark. Chloe applies for an internship at the Daily Planet, but the newspaper's formidable editor may be more than she can handle. Milton Fine finally reveals his evil side and superhuman powers when he kills Lex's bodyguard.
  • Solitude - When Martha comes down with a strange disease, Professor Fine convinces Clark that Jor-El is responsible and that the Fortress of Solitude must be destroyed to save her life. However, Professor Fine has an ulterior motive which comes to fruition when they arrive.

Season Six

  • Sneeze - Clark works hard to clean up the destruction done by Zod and develops what he thinks is his first cold. However, he soon discovers it is a new power - super breath! Lois lands a job at the Inquisitor, the local tabloid, and Lana moves in with Lex, who believes someone is following him, which quickly proves to be true after he is kidnapped.

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