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Pete Ross
Family Bill Ross (father), Abigail Ross (mother), Dale Ross (uncle), Mike Ross (brother), Sam Ross (brother), and Mark Ross (brother), Kathy Ross (sister)
Occupation Roadie
Powers and
Super Elasticity (Temporary)
Played By Sam Jones III
Status Alive
Last Seen Hero
"I know my strengths. I'm more the power behind the throne, the guy behind the god. The one who makes it all happen." - Pete Ross, Drone

Peter "Pete" Ross was Clark Kent and Chloe Sullivan's childhood best friend. He currently lives in Lincoln Park, New Jersey.

Pete is the son of Abigail Ross, a district judge in Smallville, and Bill Ross, the owner of the Ross Creamed Corn. He is the youngest of several older brothers and a sister. His father, Bill Ross, encountered Lionel Luthor the day of the meteor shower in 1989 when Lionel proposed to buy his creamed-corn business. After the meteor shower, Jonathan Kent owed Lionel a favor, and convinced Bill Ross to sell the business to LuthorCorp, a business move that both Jonathan and Bill regretted. As a result, Pete harbored deep resentment and disdain for all of the Luthors and did not believe they could be trusted.

Despite Jonathan's role in the deal, Pete befriended Clark Kent in early childhood. When Pete was bullied, Clark came to his defense by pushing the bully into a door so hard that it broke into hundreds of pieces. Clark and Pete often camped outside in their backyards. He was also good childhood friends with Greg Arkin. He met Chloe Sullivan in eighth grade and harbored a crush on her for years before telling her. Chloe, however, had feelings for Clark, which Pete struggled to deal with. Pete often encouraged Clark to pursue Lana Lang, partly to make Clark happy but partly due to his jealousy of his connection with Chloe.

As children, Pete told his secrets to Clark. However Clark did not share his secret with Pete until they were sixteen years old. (Duplicity). Even after he told Pete his secret, Clark rarely talked about his struggles with Jor-El and his Kryptonian destiny.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Peteross gjaogualgd
Pete Ross
David KaiqueAdded by David Kaique

Pete is an African-American male of average height and of stocky build.


Pete is the youngest of five children. His older brothers were all sports stars at Smallville High, and his sister was valedictorian. He often felt that he could never measure up, so he never tried, choosing instead to shield himself with a quick wit and a contagious smile. Pete is very outgoing and unlike Clark, enjoys being the center of attention. He seems usually confident with girls, but reluctantly told Chloe that he had fallen in love with her.

When trusted with Clark's secret, Pete proved to be a fiercely loyal and trustworthy friend. However, Pete always felt like he was in Clark's shadow and was envious of Clark's heroic deeds. He blamed the burden of Clark's secret when his life did not turn out how he planned, but eventually, re-evaluated this line of thinking and decided to try to make a difference on his own merits.[1]

He enjoys football, racing, dirt bikes, photography and DJing.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Pete, as a human, possess no superhuman powers at all, however he was a great football player, and in one instance, he acquired Temporary Elasticity.

Early lifeEdit

Pete's family felt a strong personal connection to Smallville and its history, since they had been there since 1870. After the first meteor shower, Jonathan Kent persuaded Pete's family to transfer ownership of the Ross Creamed Corn factory and its surrounding cornfields to LuthorCorp, who turned it into a fertilizer plant. Pete and his family felt powerless and betrayed after that.

Season OneEdit

"I know my strengths. I'm more the power behind the throne, the guy behind the god. The one who makes it all happen." - Pete Ross, Drone

Smallville101 325
Pete as a freshman
RoR-ElAdded by RoR-El

Pete worked on the Smallville Torch newspaper with Clark and Chloe. He and Clark joined the football team together to avoid becoming the scarecrow. Although Clark didn't trust Pete with his secret, he did invite him to help his investigations into the weird and unexplained happenings in Smallville, including investigating their childhood friend Greg Arkin when he became a meteor freak.

Smallville107 592
Pete is attacked by Jodi
RoR-ElAdded by RoR-El

Pete was popular with girls and went on several dates. When Clark left Lana during their date, Lana let Pete and his date use the limo that Lex Luthor had provided. Pete also started dating Jodi Melville after she lost weight. However, this relationship put him in danger when she almost ate him. Clark saved him just in time.

Smallville115 673
Pete about to shoot Lex
RoR-ElAdded by RoR-El

On a field trip to the LuthorCorp plant, Pete along with Chloe was held hostage by Earl Jenkins. Clark saved Pete again, along with Chloe and the rest of the hostages. Clark also saved Pete from the Nicodemus flower. Under the influence of the flower, Pete came close to shooting Lex Luthor after it had lowered his inhibitions. Pete nominated Clark for class president and threw himself into campaigning for Clark. Nevertheless, his efforts failed. After this he got a place of Mayor Siegel's re-election campaign.

Smallville121 531
Pete and Clark at the Spring Formal
RoR-ElAdded by RoR-El

Pete hid his feelings for Chloe, but was frustrated by Chloe's crush on Clark and Clark's obliviousness to it. Although disappointed that Chloe went to the Spring Formal with Clark, Pete was excited when he arranged for Erica Fox to be his date, as he thought she was the hottest girl in their class.

Season TwoEdit

"Our whole life you were the one person I could tell anything to, and I always did, all my secrets. But you? Everything you ever told me was a lie!.. Clark, you don't get it do you? I don't care if you're from the moon. You never trusted me. What kind of friendship is that?" - Pete Ross, Duplicity

Smallville203 241
Pete discovers Clark secret
RoR-ElAdded by RoR-El

Pete helped Clark find Jonathan Kent after a tornado hit Smallville. During the search, Chloe confided in Pete about her stalling relationship with Clark. Pete was sympathetic, while hiding his deeper feelings.

Pete nave2
Pete finds the ship.
Fernandom19Added by Fernandom19
Pete joined the football team again. When Pete stopped at the scene of an accident, he discovered Clark's spaceship. Against his parents' wishes, Clark felt that he had no choice, but to tell Pete the truth about his origins. Pete was furious at Clark for not telling him sooner. He was soon abducted by Dr. Hamilton and tortured, but he proved himself courageous and fiercely loyal by not revealing Clark Kent's secret. This made Pete realize how dangerous the secret was and why Clark kept it from him as long as he could.
Smallville204 562
Pete is forced to use kryptonite on Clark in order to free him from Red K
RoR-ElAdded by RoR-El

Pete proved a valuable ally to the Kent Family when Clark was accidentally exposed to Red kryptonite for the first time. No one understood Clark's erratic behavior, but Pete figured out that the red kryptonite ring was to blame. Pete helped Jonathan overpower Clark and destroy the ring, returning Clark to normal. Having learnt about Clark's origins, Pete became more involved with helping Clark defeat criminals and meteor freaks. Pete was injured when Byron Moore attacked him, but Clark ultimately defeated him. Pete also helped Clark defeat Chrissy Parker when she started absorbing people's youth by kissing them.

Smallville214 774
Pete and Chloe infected by a parasite
RoR-ElAdded by RoR-El

Ryan James, who was telepathic, revealed that Pete was struggling to keep Clark's secret. Nevertheless, Pete helped Clark out of trouble in return for all the times Clark had saved him. He switched Clark's DNA sample with his own to ensure that Clark's Kryptonian origins weren't discovered. He helped Clark move the ship when the feds quarantined the farm and he served as a decoy when Jonathan and Clark recovered the key and transported the ship to the hospital where it restored Martha and Clark's health. Pete also helped Clark bury refined meteor rock.

Smallville218 353
Pete helps Clark investigate a possible Kryptonian
RoR-ElAdded by RoR-El

Pete was with Clark when he discovered the Kawatche Caves. Later in the caves, Pete was infected by an alien parasite, which compelled him to do reckless things, including screaming out in public that Clark was an alien. Fortunately, due to Pete's unusual behavior, nobody believed Pete. When Clark tried to convince Pete to go to the hospital, he used green kryptonite to stop him. He then used red kryptonite to make Clark join in on the fun. Clark eventually saved him, and Pete expressed regret for manipulating Clark the way that he did.

Smallville s02e23 339a
Pete angrily confronts Lionel about taking his family's business.
MarikologyAdded by Marikology

Despite his dislike of the Luthors, when Lex introduced Lucas Luthor to him, he invited Lucas to join in his basketball match with Clark. When Clark began to get too competitive, Pete was protective of Clark and reminded him not to use his powers in front of a Luthor. Pete finally angrily confronted Lionel about taking his family's business to provide a diversion for Clark to super speed into the caves and snatched Lionel's kryptonite key.

Season ThreeEdit

"You think it's easy keeping a lid on your secret? I've got to think about it every time we're around other people to make sure I don't slip. I've got to remember to say 'meteor rock' instead of 'kryptonite'. And I always got to cover your unexplained exits." - Pete Ross, Asylum

Smallville305 452
Pete and Lana help Clark and Perry White
RoR-ElAdded by RoR-El

Pete was concerned about Clark during his time away from Smallville and showed the Kents a newspaper article about Clark's crimes in Metropolis. Powerless to help Clark, Pete waited patiently for his safe return.

Pete helped Clark hide his powers from a journalist when solar flares began to effect his powers. Jonathan acted as a decoy, so Pete could take Clark into hiding. However, as they left they received a distressed call from Lana as Perry White was threatening to jump to expose Clark's secret. Clark tried to save him, but now the solar flares had completely depowered him, Clark relied on Pete to save the day, which he managed to do by hoisting them up with the help of his car.

Smallville309 406
Pete confesses to Clark that keeping his secret is not easy
RoR-ElAdded by RoR-El

Pete finally confessed to Clark that he was struggling to keep Clark's secret when Lex also learned about Clark's powers. Pete tried to convince Clark that Lex could not be trusted with such dangerous information.

Pete gets involved with street racing.
Nik-ElAdded by Nik-El

Pete assisted Clark when he was temporarily blinded. Nathan Dean kidnapped Pete to blackmail Pete's mother, Judge Abigail Ross, while Clark was helpless to intervene. Clark managed to find Pete before Nathan Dean tried to kill him. Clark didn't mind when Pete told everybody his own version of the events, detailing his "heroics."

Truthws 146
Pete reveals his feelings for Chloe.

Pete joined the running team and became involved with street racing, giving him the nickname, Pete "The Boss" Ross. However, when his sponsor asked him to purposely blow a street race, and Pete did not comply, the sponsor threatened and blackmailed him for $20,000. Out of fear and desperation, Pete asked Clark to steal money for him. Furious that Pete would put him in that position, Clark had to figure out a way to save Pete, without having to resort to theft. Although Clark managed to save Pete, this deeply effected their friendship.

Smallville321 696
Pete refuses to reveal Clark's secret.
RoR-ElAdded by RoR-El

When Chloe was exposed to a kryptonite-based airborne agent, she gained the ability to make anybody tell her the truth, which made Pete blurt out that he'd been in love with her for a long time. Both Chloe and Clark were shocked by this and Pete was extremely embarrassed. When Clark asked why he never told Chloe before, Pete reluctantly admitted that he knew he never had a chance, because he knew Chloe was in love with Clark, and he just couldn't compare. Pete's parents got divorced at the end of his junior year. Rather than deal with the turmoil at home, he began spending the night at the Torch office. Chloe caught him and questioned what he was doing. Pete reacted angrily but eventually confessed what he was dealing with.

Smallville321 758
Pete leaves Smallville.
RoR-ElAdded by RoR-El

When Frank Loder began investigating Clark, he targeted Pete, and beat him up. Lex arrived to save him just in time. This made Pete decide to move to Wichita with his mother after the divorce. Although he appreciated Clark's friendship and honesty with him, he confessed that he could no longer stay in Smallville without either being killed or revealing Clark's secret.

Season SevenEdit

"I guess the best part about knowing your secret is being able to say thank you." - Pete Ross to Clark Kent, Hero

Pete saves Kara.
David KaiqueAdded by David Kaique

Pete returned to Smallville as a roadie with the band OneRepublic. He used kryptonite-laced chewing gum to grant him the ability to stretch and contort his body in bizarre ways. After using this to save Kara Kent from a falling speaker at the OneRepublic concert, he headed to the Kent Farm and reunited with Clark. However, he found it difficult to adjust to the fact that Chloe, Lana, and Lionel were all now keepers of Clark's secret.

Pete reunites with Clark and Lana
SuperBlahBlahAdded by SuperBlahBlah

Seeming almost embittered, Pete expressed his feelings about keeping Clark's secret and what it had cost him. He demonstrated his new power and told Clark that he was going to be a hero now. However, a hesitant Clark tried to convince Pete that using kryptonite was dangerous. In response, Pete angrily declared that if Clark tried to stop him, he would reveal the truth about him and his alien heritage.

Clark rescues Pete from Lex.
Flash0816Added by Flash0816
Pete then went to visit Chloe at the Daily Planet and proudly told her about his powers, having arranged an interview with Jimmy Olsen. His vendetta against Lex was renewed when he learned that Lex was watching Chloe's computer, and he infected that system with a virus. Lex caught him, though, and blackmailed him into stealing Kara's Kryptonian bracelet from Lionel's vault.
Pete Says Goodbye to Chloe

Clark learned of Pete's intentions and sped to Lionel's office, but Pete stopped him with kryptonite and returned to Smallville with a determination to coerce Lex. He ambushed the younger Luthor, but Lex's bodyguard overpowered him and his ability faded as the power of the gum wore off. Pete was tortured as Lex tried to force the location of the bracelet from him, only for Clark to incapacitate both Lex and the guard and rescue Pete.

Pete realized that he was not meant to be superhuman and decided to search for another way to express the hero within him. Wishing Clark and Chloe well, he left Smallville once more.


In the ComicsEdit

Pete Ross as he appears in the comics.
David KaiqueAdded by David Kaique
Peter Ross was the childhood best friend of Superman. They grew up together in Smallville, Kansas, along with Lana Lang. Pete was aware that Clark was also Superboy, but he worked hard to keep this secret and clandestinely assisted him on many occasions. Eventually, Pete married Lana Lang and became a senator as an adult. The two had a child (Clark Peter Ross), but they eventually divorced because Lana was still in love with Clark. Ross was elected Vice President of the United States underneath Lex, but succeeded him post-impeachment and became President. After serving his term, he returned to Smallville and opened up a general store. He is also an honorary member of the Legion of Super-Heroes.
941084-pete ross 02 001 01 large-1-
Pete Ross as President of The United States of America.
TG90Added by TG90

In the Silver Age comics, Pete Ross knew that Clark Kent was Superboy, but Superboy didn't tell him, and Superboy didn't know that Pete knew his secret. Pete used his knowledge to help Superboy in any way that he could, such as making excuses for his untimely exits. Because of this sort of help, the Legion of Super-Heroes made him an honorary member. Their childhood friendship continued into adulthood.

The Post-Crisis Pete is the childhood best friend of Clark Kent in Smallville who eventually marries Lana Lang, with the two having a son, Clark Ross. The two are presently divorced, even after briefly reuniting. Pete was Vice-President of the United States under Lex Luthor and briefly served as President following Luthor's impeachment, but quickly resigned.

180px-200px-Pete Ross 1-1--1-
Pete Ross and Lana Lang
TG90Added by TG90

Pete was not initially aware of Clark's secret. However, the secret was known by the villainous Manchester Black, who informed then-President Luthor of the secret, only later to wipe his memory of it. Prior to losing the knowledge of Clark's secret, Lex informed Pete that his close friend Clark Kent is in fact Superman. While Pete initially refrained from telling Clark about his knowledge he did eventually tell him.

Recently it appeared that Ross had become a villain named "Ruin", but it was later revealed that he had instead been kidnapped by the real Ruin, Professor Emil Hamilton. Hamilton also kidnapped Pete's wife and child. Superman defeated the insane Professor Hamilton, rescued Pete, Lana, and their child, and exonerated Pete of the charges against him. Pete has returned to Smallville without Lana to raise their son.


  • According to the High School Yearbook, Pete was most likely to "Be liked, wherever he goes".[2]
  • Pete drives a blue 1964 Ford Falcon convertible in Season Two.
  • Pete hand picked the songs for "The Talon Mix."
  • Pete served as Chloe's cameraman for her investigative reports, called The Chloe Chronicles.
  • As evidenced by Clark's yearbook signage, Pete made plans to hang out with Clark the summer after they graduated from high school.
  • Pete has been mentioned five times since leaving the show.[3]
  • According to the on-line Torch article (vol 54, issue 99) written by Smallville High alum Chloe Sullivan in May 2007, Pete went on to play football at Topeka High and led his team to the state semifinals. Topeka High was one game away from playing Smallville High, when they were defeated. Pete is currently in college and keeps in touch with Chloe.
  • Pete temporarily gained the power of elasticity when he chewed kryptonite-laced gum. (Hero)
  • According the Smallville Visual Guide, Pete's siblings are named Mike, Sam, Mark, and Kathy.
  • Pete was shown as one of the students that is shown to be a fan of Remy Zero, who appear as the prom band.(Tempest) Pete refers to the band by name while cheering for them. Remy Zero also performs the show's opening theme.
  • Pete is the first close friend of Clark to know his secret.
  • Pete is the only main male character (along with Whitney) from the start of the show to not appear in the final episode.
  • The name of Lana Lang's husband (Pierre Rousseau) in the Apocalypse alternate universe is the French version for the name Pete Ross, who is Lana's husband in the comics.
  • Pete did not make any appearances in Season 4, Season 5, Season 6, Seasons 8, Season 9 and Season 10.
  • Pete has met every main character, but didn't meet Lois, Jason, Oliver, Tess, Davis and Zod.
  • After Pete leaves in Season 3, it is unknown if he knows about Clark's status as Kal-El, or Chloe's apparent death.

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See alsoEdit

  • Ross - Information about the rest of Pete's family.


  1. Pete told Clark as much in Hero.
  2. Smallville: The Visual Guide Page 51
  3. Pete was mentioned by Clark and Chloe in Mortal, by Martha in Lockdown, by Clark in Abyss and by Lois Lane in Lazarus.
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