"I know my strengths. I'm more the power behind the throne, the guy behind the god. The one who makes it all happen." - Pete Ross, Drone
Smallville101 325

Pete as a freshman.

Pete worked on the Smallville Torch newspaper with Clark and Chloe. He and Clark joined the football team together to avoid becoming the scarecrow. Although Clark didn't trust Pete with his secret, he did invite him to help his investigations into the weird and unexplained happenings in Smallville, including investigating their childhood friend Greg Arkin when he became a meteor freak.

Smallville107 592

Pete is attacked by Jodi.

Pete was popular with girls and went on several dates. When Clark left Lana during their date, Lana let Pete and his date use the limo that Lex Luthor had provided. Pete also started dating Jodi Melville after she lost weight. However, this relationship put him in danger when she almost ate him. Clark saved him just in time.

Smallville115 673

Pete about to shoot Lex.

On a field trip to the LuthorCorp plant, Pete along with Chloe was held hostage by Earl Jenkins. Clark saved Pete again, along with Chloe and the rest of the hostages. Clark also saved Pete from the Nicodemus flower. Under the influence of the flower, Pete came close to shooting Lex Luthor after it had lowered his inhibitions. Pete nominated Clark for class president and threw himself into campaigning for Clark. Nevertheless, his efforts failed. After this he got a place of Mayor Siegel's re-election campaign.

Smallville121 531

Pete and Clark at the Spring Formal.

Pete hid his feelings for Chloe, but was frustrated by Chloe's crush on Clark and Clark's obliviousness to it. Although disappointed that Chloe went to the Spring Formal with Clark, Pete was excited when he arranged for Erica Fox to be his date, as he thought she was the hottest girl in their class.

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