"I guess the best part about knowing your secret is being able to say thank you." - Pete Ross to Clark Kent, Hero

Pete saves Kara.

Pete returned to Smallville as a roadie with the band OneRepublic. He used kryptonite-laced chewing gum to grant him the ability to stretch and contort his body in bizarre ways. After using this to save Kara Kent from a falling speaker at the OneRepublic concert, he headed to the Kent Farm and reunited with Clark. However, he found it difficult to adjust to the fact that Chloe, Lana, and Lionel were all now keepers of Clark's secret.


Pete reunites with Clark and Lana.

Seeming almost embittered, Pete expressed his feelings about keeping Clark's secret and what it had cost him. He demonstrated his new power and told Clark that he was going to be a hero now. However, a hesitant Clark tried to convince Pete that using kryptonite was dangerous. In response, Pete angrily declared that if Clark tried to stop him, he would reveal the truth about him and his alien heritage.


Clark rescues Pete from Lex.

Pete then went to visit Chloe at the Daily Planet and proudly told her about his powers, having arranged an interview with Jimmy Olsen. His vendetta against Lex was renewed when he learned that Lex was watching Chloe's computer, and he infected that system with a virus. Lex caught him, though, and blackmailed him into stealing Kara's Kryptonian bracelet from Lionel's vault.

Pete says goodbye to Chloe.

Clark learned of Pete's intentions and sped to Lionel's office, but Pete stopped him with kryptonite and returned to Smallville with a determination to coerce Lex. He ambushed the younger Luthor, but Lex's bodyguard overpowered him and his ability faded as the power of the gum wore off. Pete was tortured as Lex tried to force the location of the bracelet from him, only for Clark to incapacitate both Lex and the guard and rescue Pete.

Pete realized that he was not meant to be superhuman and decided to search for another way to express the hero within him. Wishing Clark and Chloe well, he left Smallville once more.