Peter Ross has had many near-death experiences over the years:

Image Episode Episode Name Near-death experience
X01pilothdmkv 002371496 1x01 Pilot Jeremy Creek attempted to kill all of the students of Smallville High, including Pete, in order to get revenge for becoming the scarecrow. Clark stopped him, and he got amnesia.
Smallville107 592 1x07 Craving Jodi Melville attacked Pete, knocking his head against the floor and rendering him unconscious. Clark Kent arrived before she could do Pete any further harm.
Smallville108 477 1x08 Jitters Pete and his class almost died in a gas explosion but Lex Luthor saved him and the rest of his class.
Nicodemus 192 1x15 Nicodemus Pete was infected by the Nicodemus flower, but Lex Luthor saved him by finding a cure.
Smallville203 521 2x03 Duplicity Pete was kidnapped by Dr. Steven Hamilton after blurting out something about the owner of the spaceship. Clark then saved Pete from being injected with liquid meteor rock by Dr. Hamilton.
Smallville213 307 2x13 Suspect A masked gunman in a big rig ambushed Clark and Pete. He ran them off the road, and then he shot the gas tank, blowing up the car. Clark used his super strength and super speed to get them out in time.
Smallville214 049 2x14 Rush Clark Kent saved Pete from crashing his car into Saunders Gorge and then rushed him to the hospital to have a potential parasite removed from him.
Smallville310 606 3x10 Whisper Pete was nearly crushed by cars in a junkyard, but Clark saved him.
Pete near deah velocity45 3x13 Velocity Jason Dante threatened to kill Pete if he doesn't pay him $20,000. Clark saved him by stealing Lex's Porsche and offering it as a prize in a race against Dante. Later, Jason rigged Pete's car to explode if it exceeded 100 miles per hour. Clark was eventually able to prevent the car from hitting 100 miles per hour and exploding.
Smallville321 696 3x21 Forsaken FBI agent Frank Loder pulled Pete over, took him to a dock and beat him up while demanding to learn Clark Kent's secret. Lex arrived just in time to pull Loder off, saving his life.
Devotedtotomwelling hero screencaps 202 7x13 Hero Pete was tortured by Lex Luthor's henchman until Clark saved him.


  • Clark Kent has saved Pete's life eight times.
  • Lex Luthor has saved Pete's life at least three times.
  • Pete has been tortured twice: the first time he was saved by Lex Luthor, and the second time he was tortured by Lex Luthor.
  • In Season Two's Nocturne, Byron Moore threw Pete into a car and ran off. Clark took Pete to the hospital where he is diagnosed and treated for a broken arm. In this case, Clark probably didn't save his life, although his presence may have helped scare Byron off.

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