Series  Smalllville Comic #4
Number  9
Writer  Mark Verheiden
Pencils  Tom Derenick
Inks  Adam DeKraker
Colors  Trish Mulvihill
Lettering  Comicraft
Publication Date 
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Lex is given a deposition as he needs to provide info on Sam Phelan. Clark meanwhile recalls his experience with Phelan, including a moment where he committed a selfless deed.


(Credit for the recap information goes to Neal Bailey from Superman Homepage.)

Clark is sitting in a diner with Lex, talking about the aftermath of the encounter with the evil detective Phelan. Clark stares off into space, and starts remembering some of the things he did.

He remembers driving towards Metropolis, with Phelan threatening his family, when they see a car wreck nearby. Phelan isn't going to stop, but he does. Clark pulls the car out of the water, and Phelan is able to save one of the boys. They leave before the medics arrive.

Clark realizes, through Phelan, that some people, though seemingly evil, can still have at the very least some good.

He ponders this with Lex, and then Lex leaves.


  • The title refers to the character Sam Phelan.
  • In this story, Lex is looking to obtain info on Sam Phelan, while Clark considers the kind of man he was.


  • This is the last story to feature Sam Phelan.


  • The placement of the present day portion of the story isn't clear, but the flashback is set in between the episode Rogue.


Clark: You're a cop... At some point you must have wanted to help people. When did that change?
Sam Phelan: Who says it did? Maybe I just got tired of playing by someone else's rules..

Clark: (Narrating Phelan's act of heroism) At first I figured he was just going through the motions so I would give up and leave with him.
But the longer he worked on that boy, the more I sensed there was something else to it.
Maybe, just for an instant, I was seeing a glimmer of the man Phelan was before.
Almost like he was trying to prove something to me.


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