Philip Sgriccia is a former director of Smallville. Some episodes he has directed are:

Season One

  • Metamorphosis (written by Al Gough & Miles Millar, co-directed with Michael Watkins) - Greg Arkin has a passion for insects and Lana. When meteor rock infected bugs swarm him, he takes on insectoid characteristics. Clark wakes up to find himself floating above his bed. Lex tries to help Clark woo Lana by giving him her meteor rock necklace. Clark discovers that he can protect himself from its effects with lead. Greg kidnaps Lana, and Clark battles Greg to rescue her.
  • Craving (written by Michael Green) - Jodi Melville, an overweight teen obsessed with losing weight, begins a diet plan of vegetables shakes. These vegetables were grown in meteor rock contaminated soil, and she is losing weight so fast that regular food doesn't fulfill her cravings. She must suck the fat out of others. Meanwhile Lex Luthor becomes interested in Chloe's theory that all the weird stuff that happens in Smallville can be traced to the meteor shower. He begins funding the research of a controversial mineralogist.


  • Both episodes that Philip directed were freak of the week episodes.
    • Both Meteor Mutants's Earth-2 counterparts were later revealed to have been killed on their graduation day from Smallville High School by Clark Luthor.
  • Philip directed 12 episodes of Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, as well as producing 64 episodes.

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