Philipe Lamont
Family Mother, Father
Played By Quinn Lord
Status Alive

Philipe Lamont is one of the few humans who have been possessed by Bizarro and survived.

Early life

Not much is known about Philipe's early life other than that he grew up in a remote cabin in Baie-Saint-Paul, Quebec, Canada with his mother and grandfather. (Phantom)

Season Six

In 2007, when he was eight, he was admitted to Saint Mary's Hospital in Quebec with blackened corneas, high fever, and explosive tendencies. The doctors were unsure what was wrong with him. When Lex found out about the boy, he took him in an unmarked helicopter back to Reeves Dam.

Bartlett extracted some blood from the boy and got the sample he needed for Project Ares. When Bizarro awoke, Lex ran out of the room, sealing the door and allowing him to kill Dr. Donovan Jamison. When Bizarro busted out of the room, he found both Lex and Clark. Bizarro left Philipe's body, leaving him unconscious when the dam exploded.

Season Seven

The water from the collapsing dam woke Philipe up. He was seemingly unharmed when he found Lois Lane. Eventually, Clark Kent saved them and Philipe was presumably reunited with his family.


  • Most of the information around his fate was revealed when Chloe Sullivan brought up his hospital record online in Phantom. Philipe was probably possessed for about 24 hours.
  • According to the Internet Movie Database, Philipe Lamont was played by Quinn Lord. Jake D. Smith was the boy who was saved with his father by Clark Kent.


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