Smallville traveler 410
Occupation Guard (Level 33.1)
Played By Aaron Douglas
Status Deceased

Pierce was hired by Lionel Luthor to kidnap Clark Kent and keep him prisoner in a kryptonite cage.

Season Seven

Pierce had previously worked as a guard for Level 33.1. Lionel hired him because of his experience imprisoning meteor freaks and tracking down (as well as sometimes killing) escapees. Pierce attacked Clark in his loft with a kryptonite taser. Clark picked him up and threw him, so Pierce called in reinforcements who attacked Clark with multiple kryptonite tasers.

Pierce transported Clark to a facility that Lionel had built, with a kryptonite cage. He repeatedly tortured Clark by raising the kryptonite level in the cage, just to hurt him.

Pierce knocked out Patricia Swann when she visited Lionel at the facility to see "The Traveler". Lionel ordered Pierce to discreetly bring Clark home, but Pierce refused; he told Lionel that he hated meteor freaks and that he wanted Clark dead as he was threat to national security. Pierce knocked out Lionel and tried to kill Clark by boosting the kryptonite levels in the cage. Kara Kent showed up to save Clark. She threw the cage away from Clark and towards the overhead window, shattering it. Pierce stepped forward to shoot Kara and Clark with a kryptonite taser, so Lionel hit him with a bar. Pierce fell out from the overhead window and was impaled.


  • Aaron Douglas also played a deputy in the episode Obscura.


Pierce: I've seen a lot of terrible things in your town. How could a place called Smallville be filled with such death and destruction? I think it has something to do with you.
Clark: Maybe you want to reconsider keeping me in this cage. You work for the government?
Pierce: I've tracked down a lot of meteor freaks, but you... you're in a category all to yourself. The government wouldn't know what to do with you... but I do.
Season Seven, Traveler