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Thomas Martinez
Occupation President of the United States
Status Alive
Last Seen Continuity

Thomas Martinez is the current president of the United States.

Physical Appearance


He is a superman fan and is owes Superman a lot of gratitude. He was shocked when he found out he was an alien from a dying a planet called Krypton. But he was okay with and welcomed him in open arms. He is a big supporter of the Justice League. President Martinez is a good man and a fair president. He works hard as President of the United States and runs an honest country.

Season Ten

When Lois Lane learned that the government planned to blow up the asteroid with a nuclear missile, she decided to infiltrated the presidential flight and try to stop them because of the massive human loss that would occur in the process. Aboard the plane, Lois attempted to get past security to speak with the President and eventually managed to manipulate her way to the room with the Secretary. She warned him what the supposed meteor really was and that their plan would result in the deaths of millions of people. They agreed to give the heroes a chance, but limiting the time to five minutes. When the plane lost altitude due to Apokolips gravitational field, Clark arrived just in time as Superman to save it from crashing. Then, Lois took a camera and began to record and cover the story just as the President approached her.

Season Eleven

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The President runs away from Lois Lane.

In Washington DC, the President of the United States is doing a quick jog with his secret service when suddenly Lois Lane, who is taking a walk with her friend Steve Trevor, reminds him the first time they met in the events of "Contact". Seeing her the President starts to hide and then runs away with his bodyguards. Steve comments how his childhood friend is now able to make the president run and hide.

When Superman arrives outside Steve Trevor's apartment, where D.E.O. is attacking Diana, General Lane explains to him that the attack Bones ordered against Diana has been approved by the U.S. president himself.

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Superman reassures the President he is working on a solution.


The President calms his family down.

Later, a stone giant, the god Hades made out of the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial, causes terror while a group of harpies are heading to the plane in which President Martinez and his family are in. The President reassures his children that everything is going to be okay and one of the his assistants informs him about the situation while another tells him he sees something on the plane's wing. Suddenly a military aircraft fires against the harpy there is on the wing but more of them arrive and attack the aircrafts. Then Superman arrives and defeats the harpies. After that he communicates via Morse code with the pilot of one of the aircrafts, telling him to not engage with the creatures because they are actually humans who cannot control themselves. Then the pilot passes the message to the President. Superman also reassures them he is working on a solution and the President wonders why Superman is doing what the D.E.O. should be doing.


President Martinez talks to the public about their new heroes.

President Martinez leads the world with a message of reconciliation. He says that after the events of the "Contact" and Hades' attack hours ago, the world must accept now the unnatural disasters that have occurred, but also embrace a new generation of heroes like Metropolis' Man of Steel and the capital's very own Wonder Woman. The president also informs the public that thanks to Queen Industries, a recovery and repair fund is being established to help cities like Washington recover.


The President has a visit from Superman.

The same night, Superman visits the White House to meet with President Martinez. He apologizes for waking him up but he says that they need to talk. The President thanks him for saving his life and then properly introduces himself saying that he can call him "Thomas" to which Superman replies that he can call him "Kal-El", of Krypton and he's an alien.

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The President has a meeting with Superman in the White House.

The U.S. president summons Superman to a meeting at the Oval Office, where he shows to him some photos of someone who fell in Russia in recent meteor shower. Superman recognizes the person as a "Monitor" and when the President asks him what is a "Monitor", Superman responds to him by saying that he will know as soon as he does. Superman then promises he will investigate the matter, and that is something that everyone should be concerned.

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The President learns the shocking truth.

Months later, at the D.E.O. headquarters, the President is briefed on the situation by Director Trevor, Chloe, Oliver and Diana. The arrival of the Monitors on Earth means the extinction of the mankind and while they haven't found a way to stop them yet, they can try to protect themselves for a while thanks to the magic of Zatanna and the mystics, but there is nothing more they can do. Chloe says a Monitor vessel just crashed on Earth in a region near Nepal and there is a chance its Superman, but even if it is, he is too late, as the Crisis is here.

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Steve and Diana try to calm the President down.

Steve Trevor and Agent Diana Prince are trying to explain to the President exactly what the blue cloud is that was released by the Monitor ship and how Zatanna Zatara's magic is all that is keeping them safe. Diana however wonders why hasn't Steve told the president about how Zatanna has been growing trying to protect them and keep the barrier up and is convinced they need a plan to stop this threat soon.

In NORAD beneath the Rock Mountains, a group of soldiers are confused as they witness a bright yellow light appear out of nowhere. However before they are able to do anything, Oliver tased them with a few of his arrows, with the President telling them to stand down as they are bringing everyone they could from the D.E.O. Headquarters.

In the aftermath of the battle, the President has a meeting with Lex Luthor. The president was tending his garden, he calls Lex the "people's hero". The president says although Lex doesn't wear a costume, his actions allowed the other heroes enough time to turn the tide so the entire world owes him a debt of gratitude. Lex replies it's all in a day's work which the President note is a humble thing to say but doubts Lex has ever been a humble man. Then the president says he would want to keep Lex around to liaise with the Justice League in case they face another crisis and asks him if he considered a career in politics at some point, which Lex with a smile on his face, replying he always felt that he was meant for greatness.