Project 1138 is a secret project that LuthorCorp conducted after finding kryptonite-mutated cave bats. These bats have vampiric rabies, meaning anyone they bite becomes mutated in the same way as them. [picture needed]

Victims of these bats exhibit symptoms such as super strength, enlarged canines, an allergy to sunlight, a hunger for blood, and vampiric blood that turns others into vampiric mutants.

Known Victims


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  • There is an injectable cure for vampiric mutants, based on green kryptonite.
  • The "1138" of the project title may be a reference to George Lucas' "THX 1138". Carrie Fisher — who played Princess Leia in George Lucas' Star Wars trilogy — appeared as Pauline Kahn in this episode (Thirst). Lucas himself references the number in many of his projects, including Indiana Jones and Star Wars.

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