Project 1138 Seurm
Project 1138 is a secret project that LuthorCorp conducted after finding kryptonite-mutated cave bats. These bats have vampiric rabies, meaning anyone they bite becomes mutated in the same way as them.

Victims of these bats exhibit symptoms such as super strength, enlarged canines, an allergy to sunlight, a hunger for blood, and vampiric blood that turns others into vampiric mutants.

Known Victims


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  • There is an injectable cure for vampiric mutants, based on green kryptonite.
  • The "1138" of the project title may be a reference to George Lucas' "THX 1138". Carrie Fisher — who played Princess Leia in George Lucas' Star Wars trilogy — appeared as Pauline Kahn in this episode (Thirst). Lucas himself references the number in many of his projects, including Indiana Jones and Star Wars.

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