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Final Project Prometheus version

Project Prometheus is a LuthorCorp Nanotechnology Division project intended for the survival of Lex Luthor and allow him to recover from his injuries that he sustained from the Fortress of Solitude's collapse. It was headed up by Dr. Edward Groll, a scientist that Lex Luthor hired to investigate alien technology. Later Lana Lang convinced Dr. Groll to use the suit on her and not on Lex, because Lex would be too dangerous to use it, and Dr. Groll realized that he didn't wanted to be remembered as the person who made a superpower suit for evilness and not for goodness.

Known Subject

Powers and Abilities

  • Super strength (first demonstrated in Power): The wearer is strong enough to effortlessly tear through reinforced steel safes.

  • Super speed (first demonstrated in Power): The wearer is granted the ability to run at the incredible speed that almost reaches the level of fully-powered Kryptonians. In this, they're able to perceive the world in slow motion.
  • Self-Sufficiency: (first demonstrated in Power): The wearer is self-sustaining and possess unlimited endurance in all physical activities. Does not need to eat, drink, breathe and even sleep for as long as they want. and can survive in the vacuum of space, as they do not require air. 
  • Invulnerability (first demonstrated in Power): The wearer's muscle mass is enhanced and perfected, their durability and elasticity increase to the point that their body becomes impervious to all forms of physical harm and have a resistance to pain. Their bodies cannot be penetrated by any forces, chemicals and energies, can sometimes cause them pain or weaken them. It has been proven that they are able to catch bullets and break through stone without receiving injuries.
  • Super dexterity: Wearers become extremely agile and flawlessly precise in all forms of strenuous movement. Able to instantly by hand catch a bullet that was fired at them between their thumb and forefinger in midair..
  • Kryptonite absorption - first demonstrated in Requiem. A capability Lana speculated to have been integrated by Lex with the aim of destroying Clark as it appears that, unlike Bizarro, the suit's power is self-sustaining and radiates the Kryptonite radiation unlike Bizarro who appeared to absorb and metabolize it.

Season Eight

Screenshot 2014-12-14-14-51-37

Lana discusses Chloe after she tells her the suit can be dangerous for her.

Lex Super Suit

Project Prometheus Version 01

The project is a specialized suit that grants the wearer extraordinary superpowers. The first version of the suit (seen in Bulletproof) was bulky and made of metal and was to be worn externally by Lex whereas the second version (seen in Power) uses nanotechnology and is made by the subject being burnt so that the skin becomes damaged and then the nanotechnology is placed underneath the skin.

Lana learned of this information and agreed with Dr Groll that Lex would corrupt its power and so they moved the Project to a safe location and decided that Lana should become the subject instead. Lana then stole the information on Project Prometheus from Tess Mercer when she visited her at the mansion. This led to Lana taking possession of the project, which prevented Lex from recovering and at the same time grant him superpowers. When the suit was placed on her body, Lana was given superpowers, making her one of the most powerful beings on Earth. Tess broke into the facility and tried to destroy the suit. She and Dr. Groll fought before she shot at him but Lana broke out and stopped the bullet knocking Tess out before leaving at super speed. In her first rescue, Lana displayed super speed, super strength and invulnerability.

180px-Clana power

Lana in the suit.

Lana join Clark in protecting Metropolis and plan their future together. After Lana called for Clark to meet her at the rooftop of the Daily Planet and then explained to Clark that now he no longer had to worry about her safety, because nothing can hurt her anymore and that she wanted to devote her powers to working side-by-side with Clark in Metropolis, to save people with him and then they kissed very passionately as the sun rose over the horizon. Lana and Clark both have superpowers and, one night, they are in bed making love, causing the bed to break.

However, the suit was eventually the reason why Lana and Clark had to separate. When Clark and Lana discovered a kryptonite bomb on the roof of the Daily Planet, Lana used the suit to absorb the kryptonite and defused the bomb, saving Metropolis. This ultimately meant that Lana was permanently irradiated with kryptonite preventing Clark from being able to get near her without being weakened. As a result, Lana left Smallville forever to protect Clark and to use her gifts to continue to save lives and help the world.

Season Eleven

Years later the kryptonite nanites were absorbed by John Corben's kryptonite heart during a fight Lana had with him.



1297543-actioncomics luthor177cc3b

Lex´s power suit as he appears in the comics

Prometheus 1

The DC Comics villain Prometheus

  • Project Prometheus was similar to Project Ares, which created a super-solider with a combination of several metahuman abilities that were harnessed via the experiments and the infusion of genetic material from an alien.
  • In Greek mythology, Prometheus stole fire from the Deities and gave it to the people. In the film Superman Returns, Lex Luthor also refers to this story, identifying himself with Prometheus.
  • The suit appears to be based on Lex Luthor's green battle suit from the comics which the first version of it closely resembles.
  • It can be speculated that the alien DNA used in the suit's creation was Bizarro's since he was the only character to demonstrate super speed, strength, invulnerability and Kryptonite absorption that Lex came into contact with.
  • In Lois & Clark, the Prometheus was a space station project, a laboratory for research of diseases on zero gravity. This project was going to be cancelled when Lex Luthor decided to go on with it and built his own private space laboratory.
  • In the comics, Prometheus was a villain who infiltrated and brought down the Justice League. He was killed by Oliver Queen during the "Cry For Justice" story arc.
  • The Prometheus Suit is similar to the Superwoman powersuit, which (via a containment field) alters the wearers DNA to resemble Kryptonian DNA, granting them Kryptonian-like powers.
  • Being able to absorb to absorb the energy of Green Kryptonite and having all the physicial abilities of a Red Sun-powered kryptonian, Lana Lang would have been the most formidable match for General Zod during Season 9. Though she is nowhere to be found. 
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