Project Starhawk is a government program devoted to monitoring threats from the stars and beyond.

Project Starhawk is officially operated by the US Department of Domestic Security.



Project Starhawk technology

Project Starhawk mainly used technology developed at Summerholt Institute to achieve their objectives. A machine that force people to relive their earliest memory, by injecting the meteor rock straight into their veins is the best known of all.

Season Seven


Clark becomes connected to Kara's mind

Agent Carter uses captured Kara and gives her a small dose of meteor rock, wanting to know where she came from and when she first arrived on Earth. When Clark tried to free Kara from the contraption, he becomes connected to his cousin mind and was forced to relive Kara´s earlier memory as well and was able to see his birthmother for the first time.


  • This is one of the projects developed by the Department of Domestic Security.
  • The leader of Project Starhawk was Agent Carter.
  • Kara is the only known alien that this project has caught.
  • The technology used for this project is quite similar to the the Project Intercept developed by LuthorCorp.
  • Clark has connected by mistake his mind to the technology of this project as well as to the Project Intercept technology.


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