Queen Industries Jet

Queen Industries has its own private jet which is mainly used by the CEO Oliver Queen of the company and parked at a private air field at Metropolis International Airport. [citation needed]

Commonly, Oliver Queen used the jet as his own private base and office.

Physical Appearance

Requiem Winslow

Jet interior

Season Seven

Oliver allowed Chloe to use the jet to get to Montreal in time to save Clark from Edward Teague.

Season Eight


The Queen Industries Jet in the night

Oliver used the jet to travel to rescue Clark Kent from Russia. Upon his return to Metropolis, Oliver started to use the jet as his private office and after a crisis of faith in which he decided not to be a hero anymore, he parked the jet in Metropolis and had parties in it. Clark Kent confronted him in the jet and told him he needed to clean up his act.

Weeks later, Oliver was seen arriving from a mission of the Justice League when Chloe asked him to help her find a vanished Clark and Lois. On Chloe's wedding day, Ollie and Clark met in the jet because Oliver believed he had located Lex Luthor and wanted Clark to steal an internet router to track him down. Clark realizes the true intentions of Oliver to find Lex and then leaves without giving him the router, but the pilot uses a wifi connection to obtain the information and then they fly to Cuba.


The jet just before it crashed.

Chloe used the jet's data files to search for Winslow Schott for Oliver behind Clark's back when he tried to kill Oliver blowing up an office in LuthorCorp, so that Oliver could settle his score with Lex once and for all.

After a merger with LuthorCorp, Tess Mercer gained access to the jet and used it to fly to Los Angeles, accompanied by Clark Kent. The plane was destroyed when it suffered engine failure and crashed. It was later revealed that Tess staged the crash to test her belief that Clark had superhuman powers.

Season Nine

903Queen Jet Rabid

Dr. Hamilton spreading the antidote from the Jet

When a virus was released in Metropolis, Dr. Hamilton and Chloe used the jet to spread the antidote made from Clark Kent's blood in a storm and thus spread the entire city.


  • Oliver's parents' also had a plane for their private travel. It was black with green stripes down the side and bore the Queen Industries logo.[1] Oliver's plane is white but otherwise is the same.
  • During Season Seven, when Clark was in danger in Montreal, Oliver allowed Chloe to use the jet to get there in time to save Clark from Edward Teague. Despite not being seen on-screen, this is the first time that the jet is mentioned on the show.
  • Oliver used the jet as a makeshift headquarters before he headed out to various endeavors with his hero team. (Bloodline)
  • The Queen Industries jet is a redressed version of Lex Luthor's private jet.[citation needed]
  • The destruction of the Queen Industries jet in Turbulence suggests that there is more than one jet, since in Rabid appears another that is much like the previous one. Is unknown if the plane that was destroyed was the one that was used by Oliver Queen as an office or not.



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