Series  Smalllville Comic #10
Number  20
Writer  Clint Carpenter & Dan Thomsen
Pencils  Tom Derenick
Inks  Adam DeKraker
Colors  Guy Major
Lettering  Pat Brosseau
Publication Date 
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Dr. Brody, a scientist working for Lex, extracts the enzyme from the Parasites from the Kawatche Caves. Desperate to test it before being terminated, he tests it on the lab monkey Lester. Lester breaks free and runs into Chloe and injects the enzyme into Lana.


Lex Luthor nearly closed research on the parasite that infected Pete and Chloe with Clark's "Red K" persona. The researcher persuades Lex that with time he can make his discoveries more profitable. Lex gives him until the next day.

The man injects the serum into a monkey.

Chloe drives down the street for a meeting with Lana and shopping. The monkey is standing in the middle of the road. Chloe hits the monkey with her car, and the monkey lies dead with the injection gun in his hand.

She calls 911.

The monkey leaps up, very much alive, screeching, and attacks Chloe, injecting her with the serum.

911 tells her that they're not allowed to take her calls any more.

The monkey gallivants away, and Chloe goes evil.

Lex finds the lab a mess and takes a parasite, calling the police.

On the drive, later, Chloe tries playing chicken on the other side of the street, freaking Lana out. Chloe takes the VW up on its side wheels and then squeals all over the place. Lana tries to leave, and Chloe injects her.

Lex talks with the sheriff about the monkey and its murder of his scientist.

Lana and Chloe arrive at the mall. A sales clerk tells Lana that she holds the last of a certain shirt, so Lana throws her through a display, complaining that she likely doesn't tip when she buys lattes.

A security guard with a pair of handcuffs comes up to stop them, and they take his clothes and dress up in uniform.

Lex finds out that the research is gone, so he readies the chopper, looking at an article about adrenal stimulus.

A guy hits on the girls, so they play at being lesbians and then Chloe knocks him senseless.

They guy comes back, and they throw him again.

The entire shopping mall comes out and tries to beat them up, so they beat up all the mall shoppers.

They tow Chloe's car, so the two ladies go and grab a water tower, pull it down, and soak all of the people attacking them.

At a garage, looking for the car, Lana lifts a car and talks to the mechanic. Chloe arrives and tells Lana that the man is hers, and punches Lana through a brick wall.

Then she throws her into a pile of debris.

Then Lana punches Chloe into the air and through a bus.

Chloe hits Lana with a pipe and readies to drop a refrigerator on her. She stops at the last minute and collapses. The effect of the adrenaline wears off on them, and they wonder how they got where they are.

They don't know how they got where they are, or how their clothes got all torn up, but they decide to just carry on with what they were doing and go to the mall.

Lex arrives, and writes a check, and solves everything.

Chloe and Lana later shop, and Lex calls, where they laugh it all off.


  • Rampage means to run wildly about.
  • In this story, Chloe and Lana go on a rampage through a mall.



Royy: (To Lana.) Darlin', you are hotter than a firecracker on the fourth of July. Why don't we--
Chloe: Oh my gosh... You're right.
Roy: Er... What now?
Chloe: All this time and I never really saw what everyone else did... But now I get it... You're gorgeous. Your hair... Your skin... And your eyes... The deeper I look into your eyes, the deeper this... Feeling grows inside me.
Lana: I don't know what to say, I mean... I thought this day would never come. You talk about my eyes but for as long as we've been friends, more than anything, I wanted... (Royy is turned on by by their apparent lesbianism) Your lips.
Lana and Chloe: In your dreams perv.
Roy: Wha...? (Chloe punches him against the door)

Lana: (Hitting on the mechanic.) My friend'll be wandering around forever. She can't resist a good mystery. But there's no reason we can't have some fun in the meantime.
Chloe: Unbelievable. I'm gone for five minutes, and you're hitting on the help. And besides... I saw him first.
Lana: That never stopped me before.
Chloe: (Punches Lana against the wall.) That totally crosses a line. I'm sick of you selling me out for every single cute boy that looks twice at you.
Lana: (Punches Chloe) And I'm sick of you thinking everything I do is part of some conspiracy to make you miserable.
Chloe: UNGHH!
Lana: Here's a headline for you, Chloe! "Pretty and popular kicks brainy's butt!"

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