Series  Smallville: The Comic
Number  1
Writer  Mark Verheiden
Pencils  Roy Allan Martinez
Inks  {{{inks}}}
Colors  Trish Mulvihill
Lettering  Comicraft
Publication Date 
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Chloe has been going over some of the odd events occurring in Smallville. Meanwhile, a boy named Greg Fox sets an explosive to Lex's digging site only to be caught in the blast. Due to a piece of kryptonite present at the site, he starts to mutate into a raptor.


(Credit for the recap information goes to Neal Bailey from Superman Homepage.)

Chloe Sullivan types an overnarrative piece on the difficulties of working on the Torch. On the phone, she attempts to reach Justin Gaines, the boy who killed principal Kwan. She recalls how strange things are in their small town, noting the self-immolating football coach, the death of the principal, and the meteor shower, of course.

She's pulled out of the thought that the only good thing to come out of the meteor shower was Clark, who happens to be at that moment telling her that they have to leave or they'll be late.

They reach the bus to the paleontology dig just in time. When they arrive, Clark looks interested, but Chloe realizes he's looking at Lana, who's engrossed.

A boy named Greg Fox, notorious for lighting firecrackers in mailboxes of late, bumps through Clark and Chloe. Apparently, however, he wasn't really that hostile until just recently. Lex calls him on his attitude, and Greg storms off. Lex explains that he owns this dig site, and that Greg's father was fired for attacking a foreman weeks ago.

Meanwhile, Greg readies a firework, muttering about Luthor's actions against his father. He tosses it into a dig, not realizing that it is full of blasting caps. Clark runs and positions himself between Greg and the caps, and they explode. Luckily, Clark isn't hurt, but Greg is rushed to the hospital. Lex congratulates Clark on his luck.

Chloe narrates her thoughts on Clark while he returns home, talks to his parents about Lex not being at fault, and how Lex understands being different.

At the hospital, Greg is smacked by his father for his behavior after the nurse leaves.

Clark stands in his loft and looks out at the moon. Luthor walks in and says hello. Luthor tells Clark that he's not pressing charges on Greg because he can relate to having an angry father and no mother.

Chloe tells of her theory that the meteor rocks are an unearthly pathogen that enhances a person's sin when they come into contact with it. Meanwhile, Greg takes a decidedly dinosaur type eyeball. He goes downstairs, tells his father that he's hungry, and then kills him.

At the Talon, several days later, they wonder where Greg is. Lana seems a bit disturbed thinking of her parents and how she started the Talon back up for them. In the store room, she hears noises, and Greg. Greg tries to eat Lana.

Clark hears the commotion, and uses his X-ray vision to see what's happening. He tells Pete to call 911 and Pete goes to do so while Clark heads into the storeroom. Greg surprises Clark and attacks him. Clark punches Greg through the wall.

Pete and Chloe rush in to find the wall torn through and Greg gone. Chloe picks up a raptor tooth and identifies it.

They realize that Greg is going after Lex, and Clark takes off for the plant.

Meanwhile, Greg has killed two guards. He sneaks up on another and tears him up pretty badly, demanding to know where Lex is. He finds Lex, and tells him he wants to be made normal. Lex offers to help, but Greg merely beats him further. Greg is mutating further. He knocks Lex out.

Clark enters, and punches Greg a good one. He tells Greg that there's gas all over, and that they have to get out. Greg says that he doesn't want to, and scrapes a nail on the metal, sparking a huge explosion that vaporizes him but leaves Clark unscathed.

The usual crowd arrives to see Clark come out of the scene naked. Lex tells Clark he isn't sorry that he was in the plant when it went up, and wants to know how he made it out. Clark tells Lex that he made the hatch just in time. Neither say anything about his lack of clothes.


  • A raptor is short for velociraptor. A small to medium sized predatory dinosaur.
  • In this story, Greg Fox turns into a creature resembling a dinosaur after being caught in an explosion of Kryptonite at the digs.


  • This story takes place right after Witness as Lana mentions the divorce of Henry Small. Troubling however is that Clark also refers to Kryptonite as meteor rocks even though he learned their correct name shortly before in Rosetta (although it might just be habit for him to call them meteor rocks at this point).


Chloe: (Narration) Welcome to Smallville High.
From the outside, just another squat, architecturally vapid holding tank for Kansas High School Students.
But to me, the bland facade is like one of the elaborate optical illusions they print to fill space on the Sunday Comics page. My job is to fill that void with the school paper, The Torch.
Like the famous image of the Victorian Woman combing her hair at her vanity... Stare at her long enough, you begin to see a human skull.
Stare long enough at Smallville High and you might start seeing the weirdness underneath.
I mean, we're talking about a school where last year's football coach immolated himself in a spontaneous combustion incident...
...And our last principal was pancaked by a telekinetic named Justin Gaines, wielding a flying car.
Now some people might chalk this up to coincidence, but me?
I say it all started with the meteor shower.
1989... A great year for Paula Abdul, the original George Bush and Indiana Jones... But Hell on Earth for Smallville, Kansas.
Fragments of the meteor wet everywhere, entering the soil, the groundwater...
...And logically, the bloodstream of anything that happened to be living in proximity.
Call me little Miss Paranoid, but I think there's a link.
In fact, I can think of only one semi-decent thing to come out of that whole disasterous time...
...And his name is Clark Kent.

Martha: Clark, are you sure you're not hurt?
Clark: Yeah mom, I'm fine... Now. But right after the explosion, I felt sick... Weak, the way I get around the meteor rocks.
Jonathan: Great. And Lex Luthor was there to see it.
Clark: Dad, this wasn't Lex's fault.
Jonathan: It's never Lex's fault. But somehow there's always trouble when he's around.
Clark: Greg was responsible for the accident, not Lex. And all I tried to do was help.

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