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Family Unknown
Occupation Interrogator (Black Creek)
Played By Patrick Gilmore
Status Alive

Ray was an interrogator at LuthorCorp's Black Creek facility in Montana. He interrogated Chloe Sullivan about her new super-computer-like powers.

Season Eight

In Black Creek, Montana, Chloe is being subjected to tests by Ray. It seems that the government wants to use Chloe's talents in exchange for giving her a lighter sentence for hacking into NSA. Ray says that Chloe is smarter than the average human which Chloe responds happened recently, revealing that she has another power: super intelligence.

Back in Black Creek, Ray tries to get Chloe to tell him the last phone number but she refuses. He has strung up Arthur Curry (Aquaman) and Dinah Lance (Black Canary) from the ceiling. Regan then injects Chloe with a serum they extracted from her mother's DNA, explaining that it has the ability to make a person temporarily follow any order. Her eyes glow green. He then commands her to tell him the last phone number. She obeys and they are shocked to discover they trace the phone number to the base.

Ray's current status is unknown.

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