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Ray McNulty
Family Van McNulty (son, deceased)
Occupation Lieutenant (US Marines)
Played By D. Neil Mark
Status Deceased

Lt. Raymond "Ray" McNulty [1] was a lieutenant in the US Marines and the father of Van McNulty.

Early lifeEdit

Ray spent many summers with Van hunting deer in the Burnham Woods. They had a secluded cabin where they would spend their vacations.[2]

Season TwoEdit

Ray was sent to inform Betty Fordman of her son's death. But he was killed by Tina Greer, who was posing as Whitney Fordman.

Season ThreeEdit

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Ray's picture in the Van's locker.

In 2003, after Ray's death, his son Van McNulty started stalking all meteor freaks. Later, a picture of Ray can be seen in Van's locker. Ray is also mentioned in Clark's Smallville Torch article, which used the same photograph.


  • Ray introduces himself as a lieutenant, but has captain's bars on his shoulder.
  • When Ray's picture is seen in Van's locker he is played by Anthony Heald, instead of D. Neil Mark.
  • Ray's first name was never revealed on the show, but was revealed in Clark's Smallville Torch article.


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