Clarks letter

The message.

The Red-Blue Blur's letter was a farewell message from the Red-Blue Blur to the citizens of Metropolis. The Blur asked Lois Lane to publish the letter if he met his end at the hands of the Kryptonian monster, Doomsday.

Season Eight

After Clark learned from Rokk Krinn that he was going to die in a battle against Doomsday, he decided to write a message to explain that he might not be around anymore, encourage citizens to be their own heroes and say goodbye as the Red-Blue Blur. He wrote the letter at the Daily Planet and after finishing it he used a voice scrambler to call Lois. He asked her to publish it if something should happen to him. At super speed, Clark placed the letter at her computer while she was on the phone.

The Letter

The text of the letter is below:

To the Citizens of Metropolis

You have welcomed me into your city and allowed me to make it my home. I will always be grateful of that. Which is why I cannot leave without saying goodbye. This newspaper has made me into what you think I am - an example, a symbol, a "hero." But the truth is, I'm simply one of you. The only difference is that my days in the shadows and my nights on the streets have allowed me to see what you've lost sight of - the good in each of you.

I've seen regular people do extraordinary things. I've seen you help each other up after you've been knocked down. I've seen you stand together when times are tough. And I've seen the smallest act make the biggest change. If I've done anything right, I hope it's help you realize one person can make a difference in the lives of others - that Metropolis doesn't need a hero. Have faith in yourself and you will find hope in each other.

Remember, it's not the mask that makes the hero. It's the choices we make and desire to do what's right. I've seen that desire in all of you. It inspired me to promise I would do everything in my power to protect this city - but I can't promise that I'll be around forever. One day, there may be a fight I cannot win. But if that comes, please, keep fighting without me to make the world a better place. Be the heroes I know you are.

-- The Red-Blue Blur


Red-Blue Blur: I need you to publish a letter for me.
Lois: What letter? (Clark places the letter on her computer at super speed) You're here, aren't you?
Red-Blue Blur: You're not supposed to open it yet. Can I count on you to publish that letter if anything happens to me?
Lois: "Goodbye"? What do you mean "goodbye"?
Red-Blue Blur: Sometimes, we can't outrun our destiny.
Lois: But I thought you were invincible.
Red-Blue Blur: So did I.
Season Eight, Doomsday