Robert Bethany
Family Wife (deceased)
Occupation Physician, researcher (Smallville Medical Center)
Played By Adrian Hough
Status Deceased

Dr. Robert Bethany was a physician at the Smallville Medical Center. He was recruited by Lex Luthor to be in charge of Tobias Rice, a blind young man who had the ability to see people who were meteor infected.

Season Six

He exploited Tobias by taking him to places to identify meteor freaks, who were then abducted, tracked, and eventually killed, presumably as part of the Level 33.1 project. He guaranteed Tobias' compliance by promising him a cornea transplant that would cure his blindness, but frequently postpones the procedure as he determined that such an operation could relinquish the young metahuman's abilities. After Tobias kept asking questions, Dr. Bethany confronted Lex and told him that Tobias was becoming impatient about receiving his surgery. Dr. Bethany was worried that if they kept stalling, Tobias would figure out what they were doing. Lex simply told Dr. Bethany to reassure Tobias.

Clark Kent and Chloe Sullivan discovered Dr. Bethany's involvement. Clark confronted Dr. Bethany at the hospital but he denied even knowing another victim, Daniel Kim and maintaining that Tobias' file is confidential. Clark created a diversion and stole Dr. Bethany's laptop. When Dr. Bethany admitted to Lex that his computer was stolen, and it contained information implicating LuthorCorp, Lex instructed him to bring Tobias back and recover the laptop. Dr. Bethany instead decided to kill Tobias with an electrical gun designed to fake a heart attack to cover up his involvement. Lana Lang intervened and the three had a standoff in Tobias' home. After a struggle in which Lana almost shot Dr. Bethany to protect Tobias, Clark arrived at super speed. He deflected Lana's bullet and reflected the electric charge of Bethany's own gun, killing him.

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