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Ron Troupe
Occupation Reporter (Daily Planet)
Played By P.J. Prinsloo
Status Alive

Ron Troupe is a reporter for the Daily Planet.

Early life

At some point in his life, Ron Troupe became a reporter for the Daily Planet.

Season Eight

Ron was the one who wrote an article about the Good Samaritan that had began to save people in the city.

Season Ten

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Clark bumps into Ron
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Ron was at the basement of the Daily Planet when Lois, while trying to make Clark more clumsy and forgettable, makes Clark bump into Ron, who scolded him for not paying attention when walking.


In 2017, Lois Lane mentions Ron's name over her cell phone to Perry White while she was with Clark Kent (who, unknown to anyone, unintentionally time-traveled from 2010 thanks to Brainiac 5's Legion ring).


In the Comics

Ron Troupe

Ron Troupe as he appears in the comics

Ron Troupe is a journalist of Daily Planet. Troupe is one of the Planet's more level-headed reporters, and not as likely to get into situations he cannot get out of as Lois Lane or Jimmy Olsen, although he is still prepared to run risks in pursuit of a story. He has twice taken on the racist supervillain Bloodsport II. During events following the selling of Daily Planet to LexCorp, Ron Troupe was romantically involved with Lucy Lane (Lois Lane's younger sister). Prior to the events of the Infinite Crisis, he married Lucy and they had a son (Samuel Troupe) named for her father Sam Lane. However, following the events of Infinite Crisis, Ron and Lucy's relationship has not been explored but seems to have altered nonetheless.


Ron and his wife Lucy with their son

At some point, Lucy and Ron separated as Lucy now works in Washington D.C. for the military while Ron still lives in Metropolis. The canonical status of their relationship appears to remain untouched following the events of the Infinite Crisis as Ron appeared in a flashback to Sam Lane's funeral, but the events that drove Ron and Lucy apart are unrevealed. Furthermore, the satus of their son Sam has been completely ignored. However due to the fact that Lucy gave her up her normal life in order to become the Government's muderous agent/experiement Superwoman, it can be expected that if Sam still exists in the current continuity, Ron has sole and full custody of him.

Following Superwoman's apparent "death", resurrection and arrest following the events of War of the Supermen, Ron's reaction has not been shown.

According to Action Comics Annual #11 (May 2008), Ron Troupe is the most highly educated reporter on staff at the Daily Planet and has more awards than anyone else at the paper with the exception of Lois Lane. It is also stated that he is known for his political editorials, he is an avid activist in too many groups to list, and he often butts heads with Daily Planet Sports Editor Steve Lombard.


  • Despite his comic book importance, he only makes a cameo in the show for a few seconds in Booster.
  • Ron was responsible for informing the citizens of Metropolis about the existence of the Red Blue Blur.


Superman Daily Planet article SV 807Smallville1130

The first Daily Planet article about the Blur/Superman written by Ron Troupe. featuring Emil Hamilton

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