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Rose Greer
Family Tina Greer (daugther ,deceased)
Occupation Antique shop owner
Played By Beverly Breuer
Status Deceased

Rose Greer was the mother of Tina Greer and was the owner of an antique shop in Smallville

Season One

Tina, nobody's life is prefect - Rose to Tina (X-Ray)

Smallville104 089

Rose dies after falling down the stairs

Rose Greer confronts her daughter Tina about a backpack full of money she found in the house. She asks if it was Tina who robbed the bank yesterday. Tina morphs into Lex and says that it was Lex Luthor who robbed the bank. Her mother insists they return the money. They struggle over the backpack, and Tina's mother falls down the stairs to her death. Tina starts to call 911, but she doesn't report the emergency. Later Tina is seen posing as her when Martha Kent, Martha asks Rose for the lamp that Rose/Tina has been restoring While Rose/Tina is in the back of the store, Martha finds a large sum of cash on the floor. Rose/Tina says that the lamp isn't ready and a client paid her in cash earlier that day. When Martha turns her back, Rose/Tina slips her keys out of her purse.


Rose dead body found in a cabinet by Clark

Tina morphs into her mother just as two sheriff's deputies approach, looking for Tina. They admit that a kid with an anonymous tip lead them to find the money from the bank robbery in her locker. Later Clark Kent use his X-Ray vision and see her body cabinet at the antique shop and they open it to Tina's mother's body.

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