The Ross family lived in Smallville for many years, before being largely driven out by the Luthors.

Known Members

  • William "Bill" Ross is the father of Pete and ex-husband of Abigail. He got divorced from his wife during Pete's junior year of high school. Bill remained in Smallville after the divorce.
  • Abigail Ross is Pete's mother. After her divorce, she moved with her children to Wichita.
  • Dale Ross is the brother of Bill.
  • Mark, Mike, Sam and Kathy Ross are the children of Bill and Abigail.[1]
  • Pete Ross is Bill and Abigail's youngest child. Pete befriended Clark Kent in early childhood. Clark did not share his secret with Pete until they were fifteenth years old. When Frank Loder began investigating Clark, he targeted Pete, and beat him up. This made Pete decide to move to Wichita with his mother after the divorce. Years later, Pete returned to Smallville as a roadie with the band OneRepublic. After briefly being reunited with his childhood friends he left Smallville once more.

Early History

The Ross family had been in Smallville since 1870, and felt a strong personal connection to the town and its history. Bill and Dale were owners of Ross Creamed Corn Factory and felt like the kings of creamed corn. These men were persuaded, by Jonathan Kent, to transfer ownership of the factory and its surrounding cornfields from the Ross family to LuthorCorp. When Lionel Luthor broke his promise to the Rosses and turned the creamed corn factory into a fertilizer plant, the family felt powerless and betrayed, and wanted little to do with the Luthors from that point on.

Gallery of family members



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