Ryan Kenneth King

Ryan Kenneth King

Ryan Kenneth King is a Canadian actor. He was born on December 28, 1984, in Wainwright Alberta. He has a younger sister.

Life and career


as Dillon Grady in Blank


as a young thug in Prey

In 1997, he moved with his mother and sister to British Columbia, where visited Stelly's High School in Victoria and thereafter the Victoria Motion Picture School. After finishing the film school, he moved to Vancouver.

In the Smallville TV series, Ryan Kenneth King played two minor roles in two different episodes and was credited as Ryan King.

  • In episode 4x19 Blank, he portrayed Dillon Grady, son of Lawrence Grady and brother of Kevin Grady. He only appeared in flahbacks of Kevin's memory.
  • In episode 8x06 Prey, he portrayed a young thug who together with a companion threatened a young boy and therefore got beaten up by the Blur.

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