Samantha Drake
Occupation Student (Central Kansas A&M)
Played By Annie Burgstede
Status Incarcerated
"Defeat is not an option!" - Samantha Drake, Fanatic

Samantha Drake is a student at Central Kansas A&M. She was president of the Students for Lex Luthor group at CKU. She was completely devoted to Lex Luthor.

Season Five

Samantha exhibited an encyclopedic amount of knowledge about Lex, referencing certain interviews he has done in the past. As the leader, Samantha had her two co-conspirators James and Doug attack and harass Jonathan Kent to get him to drop out of the Kansas State Senate race. They knocked him out and hung him upside down from the rafters in the barn. When James and Doug got scared of what they were doing and wanted to back out, Samantha killed them.


Samantha prepares to take Jonathan out of the race.

Samantha shaved her head as an homage to Lex Luthor and showed up at Lex's mansion, expecting praise for the assault on Jonathan. Lex was of course appalled by her actions and decided to turn her over to the police, so Samantha knocked him out in a rage and prepared to kill Jonathan at his next campaign rally. She kidnapped Lois Lane and tried to force her to shoot a sniper gun at Jonathan during his speech - intending to subsequently claim that Lois and Jonathan had been having an affair which Jonathan had ended, driving Lois to kill him and then herself, but Lois fought back against Samantha's attempts. Although Samantha managed to fire the gun, Clark Kent was able to intercept the bullet before it struck his father, allowing Lois to get the upper hand and restrain Samantha. She was caught and placed in jail.