Santa Claus
Santa Claus
Occupation Gift Deliverer
Powers and
Played By Kenneth Welsh
Status Alive
"The spirit of Christmas isn't dead after all". - Santa Claus, to Clark Kent (Lexmas)

Santa Claus was a "professional" deliverer for Christmas presents at Christmas Eve 2005.

Powers and abilities

  • Magic: Santa Claus disappeared with all of the presents in the Daily Planet basement.

Season Five

Clark Kent found the inebriated Santa on a rooftop, considering suicide. Clark managed to stop him from jumping off the roof. The two had a conversation about the spirit of Christmas and what it has become nowadays. Santa pointed out that the commercial aspect of the Yule is what prompted him to say that the spirit of Christmas was dead.

Clark was able to cheer Santa up by telling him that he had set the first romantic Christmas Eve with his girlfriend aside to deliver presents to poor children in Metropolis. After mentioning that Chloe had given up the evening for the same reason, Santa was convinced that the spirit of Christmas was still alive. Nevertheless, he was drunk and fell off the roof.

Luckily, Clark was fast enough to save him (and his bottle of spirits) in time. Santa was amazed by Clark's ability and disappeared into the night.

Later on, Santa visited Chloe at the Daily Planet in order to help her deliver the rest of the Christmas presents. Chloe hesitated, but finally agreed to supply him with the addresses. Chloe got distracted and when she turned around, Santa Claus and the presents had vanished into thin air, proving that Santa Claus does exist in the Smallville universe.


In the Comics

While Santa Claus didn't originate in the comic book world, he has seen some appearances in DC Comics nonetheless. Several stories include:

  • In one of DC's Christmas Specials, Santa Claus is revealed to break every year through the heavy defenses of Apokolips to deliver a Lump of Coal to Darkseid.
  • In the Shadowpact story "Christmas Spirits", Santa is drinking in a bar called The Oblivion (a place of hanging out for magical beings) as his reindeers are sick and his elves are behind on the toys. He requests the help of Shadowpact (A magic based group of heroes consisting of Detective Chimp, Nightmaster, Blue Devil, Enchantress, Nightshade and Ragman) in dealing with a terrorist organization called A.C.L (Anti-Christmas League). Nightmaster agrees for the team to help out by fighting the A.C.L. while covering Santa and the Reindeers in a protective barrier, with Santa departing upon feeling reassured. In truth Nightmaster and Blue Devil explain to the others that the A.C.L. is nothing more than a prank, but that they indulge Santa Claus just the same. The end of the story reveals that the prank is created by Detective Chimp and Blitz (one of the reindeers).[1]
  • In the Superman story "Yes, Tyrone, There is a Santa Claus", while at Daily Planet, Clark along with Lois and Perry read a letter by a boy named Tyrone. Tyrone wrote that he was told by friend that Santa and his flying reindeers don't exist. Wanting to help him maintain his faith, Clark goes into action as Superman with the intent to deliver presents as Santa Claus. Batman shows up to discourage him from doing so as it comes off as a less than serious use of his time. Superman concedes and is about to leave, but decides to give Tyrone his presents only to find Batman playing Santa.[2]
  • In the story The Man in Red, Santa Claus was given a backstory similar to Superman which included:
    • Being the survivor a dying (unnamed) planet and rocketed to Earth. The outer appearance of the planet is a snow covered ball. The citizens of the planet had white hair.
    • Santa is found & adopted by a wholesome American couple, shows a mild mannered personality in his youth and is friends with an unnamed girl with red hair.[3]
    • He leaves home to help change the world for the better.
    • Upon arriving to the North Pole, Santa tosses a candy cane colored crystal onto the ground, causing his workshop to be created.
  • Santa Claus was mentioned in an episode of Justice League titled "Comfort and Joy". In the episode, both Clark and J'onn spend Christmas with Jonathan and Martha. Martha states that she would often wrap Clark's presents in lead, with Clark correcting her in that Santa wraps them. Later in the J'onn poses as Santa Claus as he enters the house of a girl who is starting to doubt whether Santa will visit her or not. It's never confirmed whether Santa Claus exists in the show's continuum or not.


  • Santa Claus has also appeared in various Marvel Comics starting with the anthology comic Strange Tales #34 (1965) and got an entry in Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe (Which was published in Marvel Holiday Special 2006).


Santa Claus: Now, let me get this straight. You gave up your first Christmas with the girl you loved since you spied on her with your telescope to deliver these gifts?
Clark: Yeah, well, I mean, I wasn't spying.

Santa Claus: (After being saved by Clark) Ho-Ho-Holy Cow!


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