Sean Kelvin
Occupation Student (Smallville High School)
Powers and
Heat absorption
Played By Michael Coristine
Status Unknown
Last Seen 2001 (Cool)
"If you'd like, I could rub [your hands] for you. Nothing heats up a body like friction. " - Sean to Chloe Sullivan, Cool

Sean Kelvin, aka The Heatseeking Horndog, was a student at Smallville High School and a psychotic metahuman with the ability to absorb heat.


Sean was always known to play with the affections of teenage girls, as he made a move on Chloe Sullivan.

Powers and Abilities

Smallville105 691

Sean using heat absorption.

  • Heat Absorption: After falling into a frozen, kryptonite-exposed lake, Sean Kelvin gained the ability to suck and or remove heat from all living beings including Kryptonian Clark Kent. This usually killed humans, although Clark Kent quickly regained consciousness through his healing factor. He can turn both fire and water to ice by absorbing all the heat from them.


  • After his transformation, Sean's body had a dangerously low temperature, forcing him to drain body heat from others.

Season One

Smallville105 087

Sean absorbs the heat out of the fire.

While playing football, he fell into an icy lake, infested with kryptonite, and gets trapped within it. He manages to free himself, but his skin was turned blue with cold. By reaching his shivering hand at a weakly bonfire, he absorbs the heat out of the fire and warms himself. Sean realizes that by stealing the body heat of others, he stays warm for at least a day, trading the survival of others for his own.

Smallville105 296

Sean kills Jenna.

Sean pays a visit to his girlfriend, Jenna Barnum and steals her body heat, rendering her to an ice statue as she crashes to the floor, shattered into a thousand pieces. He then set his sights on Chloe, but she was saved by Clark Kent.


Sean frozen in a block of ice.

By absorbing Clark's heat, he is strengthened, but Clark manages to survive it. As he tries to drain the heat from other people, Clark manages to hurl him into a nearby pond. Sean, unable to control his power, sucks the heat from the water around him, encasing himself in ice.[1]

Chloe Chronicles

Chloe and Pete Ross discovered a secret underground laboratory built by Dr. Donovan Jamison, Dr. Steven Hamilton, and Dr. Arthur Walsh. The doctors were mining and using kryptonite to try and find a cure for meteor freaks. They had the bodies of several meteor freaks, including the frozen body of Sean Kelvin. Sean was barely alive, encased in a block of ice.

Chloe and Pete caused an explosion. As they left the lab, they saw Sean's block of ice melting as they climbed out to safety. His current whereabouts are unknown, but it is unknown if he is alive, however, due to the heat of the fire caused by the explosion, it can be assumed he survived. It is unknown whether the explosion killed him though.[2]




Sean's profile name is seen as the last on the list.

  • Sean's profile name was shown in Vengeance Chronicles and Fade.
  • It is unknown if there was other victims of Sean's aside from Jenna Barnum, including his own parents who were not seen in this episode. If he did kill his parents he wouldn't have been the first meteor freak to do so, as Greg Arkin killed his own mum and Tina Greer killed her mum, Rose Greer.
  • Sean's power is somewhat involuntary, as he automatically absorbed all the heat as soon as Clark hurled him into the pond.


  • Degrees Kelvin is sometimes used to describe very cold temperatures (with 0 °K usually referred to as "Absolute Zero", which is thought as the lowest possible temperature). Sean's last name is a reference to the power he gained.
  • Sean's powers are the same of a villain in the comics, Killer Frost. Both were able to absorb heat and create ice, the only difference is that Frost could stay alive without absorbing heat while it was Sean's way of survival. Also Killer Frost was more experienced in using her powers creating blizzards and ice constructs while Sean was only capable of passively freezing things.


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