The Pilot episode of Smallville describes the population as 25,001 in 1989 and 45,001 in 2001. For such a small town, they seem to have an inordinate number of deaths. This article will detail the body count of each episode in Season Ten. Serious injuries and other crimes will also be noted, but only actual lives lost will be tallied. Likewise, although Clark saves people from various ill fates, his rescues will only be counted if death seemed reasonably certain. Since the death of a metahuman is not always certain, continual updates are expected.

Lazarus (09/24/10)
10LazarusBodyCount Lives lost: Multiple Lex Luthor clones. Lives saved: 5 plus several pedestrians and drivers from being crushed to death Villain: 2+ Lex Luthor clone (dead); The captors of Oliver Queen including Rick Flag his torturer (All at Liberty).
Lois Lane saved Clark Kent by pulling out the blue kryptonite dagger out of him after Clark was stabbed by Major Zod and fell from the top of a skyscraper. Clark saved Lois Lane from being burned alive by an evil aged clone of Lex Luthor. Seconds later Clark saved several people from the falling Daily Planet globe, which had been sabotaged by the clone. Chloe Sullivan saves Oliver Queen by exchanging herself for him to his captors including the man torturing him Rick Flag. Tess Mercer saves and takes in a child clone of Lex Luthor from being killed by the evil clone of Lex Luthor at Cadmus Labs. Clark Kent releases Tess Mercer from being tied up at Cadmus after he puts out a fire which would have consumed her along with the rest of the building. Several of Lex Luthor's clones are killed by the evil clone of Lex Luthor at Cadmus Labs. The evil clone of Lex Luthor later dies of degenerated tissue failure caused by advanced aging.
Shield (10/01/10)
02ShieldBodyCount Lives lost: 0 Lives saved: 1 (Cat Grant twice) Villain: Deadshot (Escaped from prison)
Clark Kent saved Cat Grant aka Mary Louise Shroger from a bullet-induced car explosion and being shot by a bullet fired by a remote controlled sniper rife. Both caused by Deadshot a member of the Suicide Squad.
Supergirl (10/08/10)
Supergirl10BodyCount Lives lost: 0 Lives saved: 3 plus people at a rally. Villain: Darkseid possessing Gordon Godfrey (at liberty)
Kara Kent saves many people from a falling billboard and possibly Gordon Godfrey. The Dark Spirit that possessed Godfrey was superpowered so it was unlikely he was in any danger but perhaps the mortal body of Godfrey was. Kara Kent saved Clark Kent from the Dark spirit possessing him. Clark and Kara saved Lois Lane from the Dark Spirit.
Homecoming (10/15/10)
04HomecomingBodyCount Lives lost: 0 Lives saved: 2 plus hundred's of thousands, perhaps millions Villain: 1 (guidance counselor potentially, free)
Brainiac 5 saves Clark Kent from a vengeful guidance counselor by making her more friendly to him. In the future of 2017 Superman saves Metropolis (and likely a great portion of the United States) from a nuclear reactor explosion and the subsequent nuclear radiation fall out while his past self as 2010 Clark Kent simultaneously saves Lois Lane and a helicopter pilot from falling off the edge of the Daily Planet rooftop helipad. No one died in the present or future. The guidance counselor's mind was changed by Brainiac 5 before she did anything.
Isis (10/22/10)
S10IsisBodyCount Lives lost: 1 Lives saved: 3 (Cat twice) Villain: Isis; placed back into the amulet.
Clark Kent saves Cat Grant from being killed via sacrifice by an Isis possessed Lois Lane. Cat inadvertently but essentially saves Clark temporarily by accidentally distracting Isis when she was about to sacrifice Clark. Green Arrow places Cat in a sarcophagus and also distracts Isis, this time long enough for the power that bound Clark to another sarcophagus to wear off. Green Arrow and Clark Kent saves Lois Lane from being killed by the Isis goddess possessing her body by first Green Arrow shooting the amulet of her neck and Clark then destroying it. A security guard is apparently killed by Isis when she shoves him with one hand sending him flying a long distance into a very large wooden crate.
Harvest (10/29/10)
S1006Bodycount Lives lost: 0 Lives saved: 1 Villain: At least 40, an entire small village of religious zealots.
Clark saved Lois Lane from being immolated by blue kryptonite fire. No one was killed although Clark appeared to be dead when gutted by a sickle.
Ambush (11/5/10)
1007bodycount Lives lost: 0 Lives saved: 1 Villain: 2 (Rick Flag at large)
Clark Kent as the Blur saves Lois Lane from a missile launched by Rick Flag intended to kill General Lane. No one was killed.
Abandoned (11/12/10)
S10ep8bodycount Lives lost: 0 Lives saved: 2 Villain: 1 (Granny Goodness Free)
Clark Kent saves himself from Granny Goodness by using his super breath to freeze the chain holding up the top of the top of the grill being used to forge edged weapons tempered by Green Kryptonite. It snapped closing the grill and shielding the Kryptonite. Clark then saved Tess Mercer from Granny Goodness's minions. Clark probably saved Lois Lane from the Jor-El intelligence running the Fortress of Solitude, but she probably wasn't in any real danger.
Patriot (11/19/10)
S10ep9bodycount Lives lost: 0 Lives saved: 4 Villain: 1; General Slade Wilson (whereabouts unknown)
Mera saved Oliver Queen and Arthur Curry aka Aquaman from U.S. Army Lieutenant General Slade Wilson by destroying the glass water tank Oliver was drowning in and sending the water onto Curry, re-hydrating him and restoring his super strength. Then Oliver Queen saved Mera when a gate like metal bars imprisoned her but Oliver threw a large sharp shard of the tank's glass into the control panel, allowing Arthur to release Mera. Clark Kent saved himself when the Kryptonite bars that imprisoned him were destroyed in the self destruction of the facility and swimming away. General Wilson was the villain for imprisoning Oliver, Arthur, Mera and Clark and being a minion of Darkseid.
Luthor (12/3/10)
S10ep10luthorbodycount Lives lost: 0 Lives saved: 3 Villain: 2; Earth-2 Lionel Luthor, Clark Luthor.
A theif stealing merchandise was spared by the fact that it was Clark Kent/Superman who had caught him and not Clark Luthor/Ultraman. Parallel Universe Lionel Luthor "saves" Clark Kent-who he mistakenly thought was his adopted son Clark Luthor-from being shot to death by Parallel Oliver Queen while Clark was suffering the effects of Green Kryptonite exposure from a Green K filtered skylight. Lionel knocked out Oliver. However he did it so he can eventually kill Clark himself. Clark was saved by Oliver shutting off the Green K skylight and Clark regaining his powers.
Icarus (12/10/10)
S10ep11bodycount Lives lost: 1 Lives saved: 3 (Lois Lane twice) Villain: 1 Lt. General Slade Wilson (with the backing of the US Government; sent to the Phantom Zone by the Crystal of El)
Oliver Queen saves a woman from being mugged and captures the mugger but then pedestrians, who didn't see the circumstances of Queen holding the man, believes Queen attacked the man for no reason which leads to Carter Hall (aka Hawkman) and Courtney Whitmore (aka Stargirl) saving Oliver Queen from the violent mob that was beating him. Hawkman saves Lois Lane twice in one scene, first from Lt. General Wilson shooting her in the head and second from a fall when an gas explosion blew Lois out of a picture window of Oliver Queen's office they were in on a high floor of the Luthorcorp skyscraper. Carter Hall dies shortly after the fight with General Wilson who stabbed him with a sword and saving Lois Lane. Clark would later imprison Wilson in the Crystal of El. In Collateral it is revealed that the Crystal of El sent Wilson to the Phantom Zone.
Collateral (02/04/11)
CollateralBodyCount Lives lost: 8 possibly in the real world. One also in the virtual world Lives saved: 5 Villain: Vigilante Registrations Agency, Lt. Trotter in custody
Chloe Sullivan with the help of Rick Flag and Deadshot of the Suicide Squad saves Oliver Queen from a virtual computer generated world constructed by the US Government Agency the Department of Domestic Security (DDS) agents operating under the Vigilante Registration Agency (VRA not to be confused with the Vigilante Registration Act) led by Lieutenant Trotter to control them until they can discover a way to take away or give back their powers at will in the real world. As seen at the end of Icarus Oliver Queen, Clark Kent, Black Canary, Lois Lane, Stargirl and Impulse had been captured by the VRA. Now joined by Oliver Queen they also save Dinah Lance aka the Black Canary. Chloe is then captured by VRA SWAT. Rick Flagg, Deadshot, Green Arrow and Black Canary (Dinah Lance) saves Chloe. They then save Clark Kent and Lois Lane and the unseen on screen Stargirl and Impulse. Possibly at least eight Government agents and guards are killed by Rick Flagg and Deadshot via gunshot total. Four before Chloe was captured temporarily, Four afterward. The Suicide Squad were clearly using firearms, A revolver in Deadshot's case; two .45 cal. automatics in Rick Flag's case. However, it is conceivable that none were killed since all appeared to be in police/military body armor including bullet proof vest, but no clear indication they were not dead was given in the episode. Chloe also shot two guards in the virtual world, one killed one wounded, possibility saving Oliver Queen but since they weren't real it doesn't actually count.
Beacon (02/11/11)
E13bodycount Lives lost: 0 Lives saved: 4 (Martha Kent twice). Villain: Alexander Luthor; Currently in the care of Tess Mercer.
A "bulletproof" vest saved Martha Kent from a rifle shot fired by the clone Alexander Luthor that was really meant for Clark Kent to hit when he passed in front of it trying to save Martha. The shots happened too fast for Clark to react. By the time he heard it over the TV he was watching and reacted to go to the scene and superspeed the bullets already struck her. Tess Mercer saved herself and Clark from being shot to death by Lex Luthor. His gun was loaded with Kryptonite bullets that were weakening Clark by just being near him. Tess talked him down and into giving up the gun. By doing so Tess also indirectly saved Parallel Earth Lionel Luthor. In getting Lex to let her have the Kryptonite bullet gun and her throwing it away, Clark was able to get to the burning Luthor Mansion and save Martha then reluctantly, at Martha's silent urging, saved Parallel Lionel from burning to death.

Alexander Luthor was the villain for trying to kill so many people. Lionel Luthor could be said to be a villain for trying to control Lex but he didn't actually do anything wrong in the episode.

Masquerade (02/18/11)
SmallvilleS10E14.hsap. 000733649 Lives lost: 8 Lives saved: 2 Villain: Desaad (committed into Belle Reve)
Clark saves Bert Camp a police crime scene photographer by catching him with one hand when Bert fell down a hole at a crime scene. Clark saves Chloe Sullivan from Desaad from either death or being infected with "darkness". Eight people including Mr. & Mrs. "Jones" two undercover FBI Agents, Agents Vactor and Bowman respectively, plus six others off screen were killed by Desaad. He also impress the "darkness" in Oliver Queen. Oliver and Chloe were in the custody of genuine FBI agents so they weren't in danger.
Fortune (02/25/11)
SV1015-1485 Lives lost: 0 Lives saved: 5 Villain: Amos Fortune (possibly still at large)
A "drunk" Clark saved a armor car driver for Amos's henchmen when they were attempting to steal the armored truck filled with money by superspeed-knocking them unconscious. Clark also saved Emil Hamilton from the henchmen who put Emil's head in a crushing vice grip. Lois Lane and Oliver Queen help save themselves from Amos Fortune by starting a bar fight in a burlesque club with Chloe helping. Chloe saved herself from another henchman who put her in a headlock and held a knife to her throat.
Scion (3/4/11)
SV1016-835 Lives lost: Unknown (possibly 1 offscreen) Lives saved: 3 (Lois Lane twice) Villain: 1 Parallel Universe Lionel Luthor (free with Darkseid)
Lionel Luthor-2's minion came out covered in blood after torturing Dr. Christina Lamell for Conner's whereabouts. Her fate was never shown. Conner Kent saved Lois Lane from being shot and killed by Lionel Luthor-2. Clark Kent inadvertently saved Lois Lane from being killed by a red kryptonite-influenced Conner by distracting him as he arrived at the burned out Luthor Mansion in the nick of time. Clark saved Conner from the Red Kryptonite ring by smashing it. Conner Kent saved Clark by shattering the Green Kryptonite that Lionel planted near Clark.
Kent (4/15/11)
1017Smallville0197 Lives lost: 1 (off screen alternate universe) Lives saved: 2 (Clark Kent three times) Villain: Clark Luthor (Sent back to Earth-2)
Of screen in the Alternate Universe Clark Luthor murdered Oliver Queen of Earth-2 after Queen had revealed Luthor's identity as Ultraman and weakness to Kryptonite to the entire world. Clark's life was put in jeopardy twice but he saved himself; once by being exposed to green kryptonite by the alternate Lois. He saved himself by making her remember he was Clark Kent, not Clark Luthor from there previous meeting. He saved himself again when alternate Jonathan thinking he was Clark Luthor held him prisoner with Kryptonite but Kent eventually convinced him that he was totally different from Luthor. Lois Lane and Dr. Hamilton saved Clark by transporting him from the Earth-2 Universe by repairing one of the previously damaged mirror boxes.

In the Earth-1 Universe Clark Kent saved Tess Mercer from being dropped from the Luthorcorp skyscraper by Clark Luthor. Clark Kent got Clark Luthor to return to his universe by luring him to the Fortress of Solitude and having Jor-El transport Clark Luthor to his version of the FoS in his universe.

Booster (4/22/11)
S10ep18-0682 Lives lost: 0 Lives saved: 3 (Jaime twice) Villain: 0
Booster Gold saves Jaime Reyes, the future Blue Beetle from being run over by a SUV. The Blur saves Cat Grant from a energy blast from the Scarab weapon when Booster Gold hesitated. Booster Gold saves himself and Jamie after Booster shot the Scarab with his own energy weapon. Then the Blue Beetle suit acting under its own artificial intelligence started to strangle to death Booster Gold. Booster gave Jamie the confidence and calmness to control the Scarab suit to release both of them. If that failed than the Blue Beetle suit would have had to been destroyed, likely killing Jamie. After the incident Jamie decides to learn how to control the Scarab Suit, on the road to becoming the Blue Beetle. No one dies in this episode, nor there were any villains.
Dominion (4/29/11)
1019Smallville0700 Lives lost: 3 Lives saved: 2 (Clark and Oliver twice each) Villain: 1 General Zod (trapped in the Phantom Zone).
Clark and Oliver Queen save themselves by taking the Phantom Zone crystal from General Zod and transporting themselves out of the Phantom Zone; Lois Lane saves Clark and Oliver from being trapped in the Zone forever by holding Tess Mercer at gunpoint and threatening to kill her if she carried out Clark's order to destroy the gate to the Phantom Zone in two days.

Three lives were lost: Two in Zod's gladiator arena in mortal combat and a third in which Clark refused to kill after defeating a "Gladiator" but to prove a point Zod killed the Gladiator.

Prophecy (5/6/11)
1020Smallville0684 Lives lost: 0 Lives saved: 5 plus perhaps hundreds even thousands (an unknown number of people from a hostage situation and flood waters in two separate incidents) Villain: 3 (Toyman, Granny goodness & an unseen but mentioned Darkseid)
Oliver Queen saved Kara Kent from a trap that surrounded her by an energy barrier in a subterranean temple. Lois Lane while superpowered saved hostages in a botched convenience store robbery in Wisconsin and then saving people from a flood in the mid west using her "arctic breath" to freeze the flood waters. Lois Lane saved a store owner from being attacked by a hypnotically controlled Courtney Whitmore. Tess Mercer removed the device that rendered Courtney to suggestion by Toyman. Clark and Tess worked to save Clark from a "hypnotized" and still superpowered Lois from killing Clark and Clark saved Lois from the device.
Finale Part 1 (05/13/11)
Smallville.S10E21-E22.Finale.Jonathan's headstone Lives lost: 0 Lives saved: 3 (Clark, Lois, Oliver) Villain: 4 an unseen Darkseid & his minions Desaad, Gordon Godfrey and Granny Goodness (all alive and free).
Chloe Sullivan saves Clark Kent from being rendered forever powerless by preventing Lois Lane unknowingly slipping on Clark's finger the wedding ring made from gold kryptonite. Clark Kent saved Lois Lane from being killed when he caught her after a Darkness possessed Oliver Queen shoved her using his darkness enhanced strength some 40 feet heading for wooden church pews. Clark Kent saved Oliver by talking him down helping him drive the darkness out of himself and becoming himself again.
Finale Part 2 (5/13/11)
1021Smallville1837 Lives lost: 2 (Earth-2 Lionel Luthor, Tess Mercer) Lives saved: 3 (Tess Mercer, Lex Luthor, Clark) plus Earth's population from Darkseid) Villain: 6 Darkseid & his minions Desaad, Godfrey and Granny Goodness (sent back to their realm), Earth-2 Lionel Luthor (dead), Lex Luthor (alive).
Tess Mercer saves herself from parallel Earth-2 Lionel Luthor performing a heart transplant on her taking her heart and putting it into clone Lex Luthor. After Lionel was shot and possibly fatally wounded by Tess, Tess Darkseid "saves" Lex Luthor clone, by taking a still alive Lionel's heart and putting it in Lex. Jor-El helps Clark Kent to save himself from Darkseid as he possessed the dead body of Lionel Luthor-2 by showing Clark a vision of his trials of the last decade to give him the inner strength to use his powers to full effect. This enabled Clark to consciously fly and use his powers to vanquish Darkseid and hence destroyed Lionel's body. Clark, embracing his superhero identity as Superman, then saved Earth's remaining population from Apokolips. Tess Mercer is killed by Lex Luthor when he embraces her by stabbing her in the stomach, but as she lay dying she was able to chemically wipe all of Lex's memories of his life, including all memories of Clark Kent being super powered. Earth-2 Lionel Luthor allied himself with Darkseid and was willing to sacrifice his own daughter Tess to save his son Lex Luthor by killing Tess.


  • Clark was saved by Lois once.

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